Scania offers unparalleled fuel efficiency

Scania offers unparalleled fuel efficiency

Worcester-based Vallei Organies has purchased a number of Scania trucks in 2021. ROWAN WATT-PRINGLE speaks to managing director Gerhardus Neethling to find out why the company has placed its trust in Scania, and how it is incorporating these new units into its fleet.

Loyal Scania customer Vallei Organies officially launched as a business in 2007 when it was awarded a tender by one of South Africa’s biggest chicken farmers to remove manure. But, in reality, the company’s long and proud tradition in the chicken industry stretches back three decades to the establishment of a chicken manure distributor called Wynland Organiese Kragbemesting (WOKB) in 1993.

“WOKB was the brainchild of my father, Siebert Neethling, and the company built its trusted reputation by always meeting deadlines and keeping the ‘clean-out chain’ in place, mucking out the manure in chicken houses before the placement of a new batch of chicks, and then distributing this manure to local vineyards and the farming sector where it was used as a fertiliser. Vallei Organies bought the controlling share in WOKB in 2012.  The experience, knowledge and wisdom I gained working with my father has stood me in good stead – and we’re now an industry leader,” says Neethling.

Starting out as a small business with just two hooklift trucks and five heavy machines servicing the area around Worcester in the Western Cape, Vallei Organies has developed into a major company employing 137 people and running a large, diverse fleet of local and long-haul trucks across the country. With Scania as its partner, the company is hoping to develop even further.

“Today, we specialise in mucking out chicken coops and dealing in transportation using specialised vehicles. Our company relies on the latest technology and new, reliable equipment to maintain our industry standing and move bulk volumes in a short time,” says Neethling.

The fleet currently consists of 22 long-haul units, 15 local trucks, around 40 trailers, 21 light delivery vehicles, almost 30 heavy machines, and roughly 20 other vehicles. “In our long-haul fleet, we run walking floors, side tippers, and tautliners, while our local fleet consists of hooklift 8×4 units and walking floors,” he says.

The company’s relationship with truck manufacturer Scania has been crucial in supporting Vallei Organies’ growth. “We bought our first Scania – a Scania R460 – back in 2018. Because of the incredible consistency of service from their sales representatives, we decided to give them an opportunity to be tested against the other leading truck manufacturers – and Scania came up trumps,” he says.

This year has seen a further strengthening of the relationship, as the Vallei Organies fleet has been bolstered by the delivery of seven new Scania trucks, received in Worcester in March, April and September. The deliveries comprised five Scania G460 XT units for side tipper and walking floor applications, one G460 (hooked to a tautliner), and one P410 XT, which is used as a hooklift unit. Neethling says the trucks will be used for hauling chicken manure, malt, wheat, maize, coal and various food products.

Neethling has no hesitation in highlighting fuel efficiency as the reason for adding Scania trucks to the fleet. “During Covid, we have been affected by customers pulling back on orders. But, with fuel accounting for 45% to 47% of our expenses, the extremely competitive fuel efficiency of the Scania trucks has been a huge help in keeping the wheels rolling, and we are delighted to welcome these new trucks into our growing fleet. The fuel efficiency of the Scania trucks is unparalleled.”

He predicts a long and happy partnership with Scania. “We have already come a long way with the company; the relationship has developed and progressed over the years. I am hoping to see Vallei Organies grow even further – and we hope to have Scania by our side.”

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