Covid 19: bus and coach manufacturers fight back!

Covid 19: bus and coach manufacturers fight back! November 13, 2020 What are bus and coach manufacturers doing to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 to passengers being transported in their vehicles? Quite a bit, it seems … Daimler Buses – with its Mercedes-Benz and Setra brands – has long been passionate about safety. The air-conditioning systems fitted as standard in the company’s coaches, for instance, already protect against the risk of infection by ensuring rapid air exchange on-board. Gustav Tuschen, […]

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Oil the (financial) wheels

Oil the (financial) wheels November 13, 2020 The importance of total cost of ownership (TCO) is well known – but what role do lubricants play in this equation? Certas Energy, one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers of fuel and lubricants, summarises it neatly: “Faced with increasing pressure to improve vehicle reliability, meet safety and emissions regulatory requirements – all while minimising operating costs to remain competitive – today’s transport operators have already turned to the TCO approach.” This method […]

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Hino partners with Standard Bank

Hino partners with Standard Bank November 13, 2020 Hino South Africa has established a partnership with Standard Bank Fleet Management to provide comprehensive, price-competitive and cost-effective service and maintenance plans for its truck customers Pieter Klerck, general manager Hino SA, says the company is continuously looking at ways in which it can enhance the ownership experience for customers. “We first re-evaluated our pre-2018 service and maintenance programmes. Next, we conducted extensive investigations into the after-sales product offerings of our competitors […]

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The road to a data-driven future

The road to a data-driven future November 13, 2020 Is the heavy-duty trucking, freight and transport industry doing the right things to set itself on the road to a future which is economically, politically, technologically and environmentally sustainable? EMMANUEL MIGNOT, President and MD of Belgian Shell, says the answer is yes. But there’s a proviso… Over the last ten years, the sector has undergone tremendous change. Developments such as telematics and automated road-side payment infrastructure have greatly simplified fleet management. […]

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Freeway gives fleet managers business analytics on a smartphone

Freeway gives fleet managers business analytics on a smartphone November 13, 2020 Freeway Fleet Systems has developed a mobile app to give fleet managers instant access, via their smartphones, to Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data on fleet maintenance and compliance. The development adds a useful business analytics insight to Freeway’s award-winning “fleet-in-your-pocket” app launched last year. “Even before the coronavirus crisis, managers wanted more mobility so they could work anytime from anywhere. Initially, our fleet-in-your pocket app was designed to […]

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Mercedes-Benz offers free driver training

Mercedes-Benz offers free driver training November 13, 2020 The Department of Transport dedicated the month of October to create awareness of the importance of transport and the vital role it has in the economy. The theme for 2020 was “Together shaping the future of transport”, with a call from government for businesses to participate and provide safer, affordable, accessible and reliable transport. Mercedes-Benz Trucks has heeded the call by offering free driver training to 160 Mercedes-Benz Actros drivers. “There is […]

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Light through the darkness

Light through the darkness November 13, 2020 The global automotive industry is experiencing unprecedented challenges, but e-commerce and connectivity will continue to drive the light commercial vehicle (LCV) market. Closer to home, things are also on the rise Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, “Global Light Commercial Vehicle Market Outlook, 2020”, finds that global sales of LCVs are projected to reach 9,49 million units in 2020, with pickups (or, if you prefer, bakkies) contributing 4,62 million units. The international consulting firm […]

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Scania delivers sustainability to our doorsteps

Scania delivers sustainability to our doorsteps November 13, 2020 Replacing diesel with gas is a sustainable solution that has attracted global interest. Scania South Africa has launched the Scania 6×2 PDR 340 hp inner-city distribution truck that runs on natural gas Natural gas is methane gas found in pockets in the earth’s crust. It is extracted from gas deposits or in conjunction with oil extraction. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, but since the methane molecule only contains one carbon […]

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Green should remain the new black

Green should remain the new black November 13, 2020 The entire world’s focus has been on the effects of Covid-19, but the crisis posed by global warming still looms We’ve heard and read about the environmental benefits brought about by lockdowns across the globe, from cleaner air to the presence of wild animals on the streets of urban jungles. But these benefits are, unfortunately, only short-lived, with these lockdowns actually doing more harm than good to the environment. This thinking […]

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Keeping the wheels of entertainment turning

Keeping the wheels of entertainment turning October 21, 2020 Covid-19 has put the brakes on many businesses – not least of which are circuses. JARLATH SWEENEY visits a circus in Ireland, and finds out how – post Covid-19 – it plans to keep the Big Top open… Within weeks of rolling out of Claremorris in Mayo, headed for County Leitrim, the entire cavalcade of Tom Duffy’s Circus came to an abrupt halt in Galway. Its planned annual ten-day season at […]

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