About us


About us

FOCUS on Transport and Logistics is South Africa’s leading commercial vehicle magazine. Established over 40 years ago, it is by far the most widely read magazine in its sector.

Charleen Clarke

Editorial Director

Charleen Clarke has worked as a writer, editor, photographer, publisher, MC, public speaker and television presenter since 1984. She cut her teeth in journalism in Port Elizabeth, working on the newspaper in that city. She moved to Johannesburg in 1986, where she joined Caxton as a journalist. She was promoted to editor of the Randburg Sun within two years.

In 1988 she joined National Publishing as a journalist. She was promoted to executive editor of five magazines within two years. Seven years later, she was appointed editor of FOCUS. She went on to buy the magazine from the Road Freight Association and start Charmont Media Global.

Charleen has won numerous awards, including South African Motoring Journalist of the Year and South African Commercial Vehicle Journalist of the Year. She judges the World Car Awards, the South African Car of the Year, the international Truck Innovation Award, the Women’s World Car of the Year and she’s an associate member of the International Truck of the Year jury.

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