Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


POPIA was passed to promote the right to protection of personal information stipulated in the Constitution of South Africa. The Act seeks to set standards that will regulate the use and processing of personal information through an Information Regulator who’ll exercise their powers in terms of POPIA.

As a Responsible Party in terms of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 ‘POPIA’, we understand that your personal information is important to you and that you may be apprehensive about disclosing it at times. Your privacy is just as important to us and we are committed to safeguarding and processing your information in a safe and lawful manner. This privacy notice provides you with information about how and why we use your personal information and how we keep it secure. It also sets out your rights under law, our responsibilities to you and how you can contact us.

Any individual has the right to give or deny Charmont Media Global consent to process their personal information and revoke consent later if they wish to. 

This privacy notice lets you know what happens to any personal data that you give to us, or any that we may collect from or about you. It applies to all products and services, and instances where we collect your personal data.

This privacy notice applies to personal information processed by or on behalf of Charmont Media Global, SHEQ Management magazine, FOCUS on Transport & Logistics magazine and all the company’s digital channels.

We may change this privacy notice from time to time by updating this page in order to reflect changes in the law and/or our privacy practices. We encourage you to check this privacy notice for changes whenever you visit our website.

Personal information processed

Personal data means information which identifies you and relates to your as an individual. Charmont Media Global will collect, store and use your relevant personal data for various reasons in connection with the services we provide for you. Personal information that we will process in connection with all of our services on a day-to-day basis may include:

  • Personal contact details (including name, title, full name, home address, personal telephone numbers and/or e-mail address);
  • Your date of birth, gender, and/or age;
  • Your nationality, (if needed for the service);
  • Information gathered through correspondence with us;
  • Previous services, details of previous matters (and details related to this); and
  • Information we obtained from third parties relevant to your service

The personal data we collect and process will depend on the service you are provided through us. The above list is not an exhaustive list and there may be other relevant data that Charmont Media Global will collect and store in relation to the context of the relationship.

We will update this notice from time to time to reflect any changes in the category of data we will be collecting.

Source of personal information

We collect personal information from a number of general sources including (but not limited to) the following:

  • From you directly;
  • From our websites, advertising and/or other marketing means;
  • From networking events

The above list is not an exhaustive list and there may be other relevant sources that Charmont Media Global will collect and store data from. We will update this notice from time to time to reflect any changes in the sources we collect data from.

Legal grounds for our processing of personal information

Charmont Media Global will use your personal information on one of the following legal bases:

  1. To perform a contract, such as engaging with an individual or company to provide our services;
  2. Where we consider the use of your data within reasonable expectations, having minimal impact on your privacy and necessary to fulfil our legitimate interests.

We have set out below the main purposes for which your personal data may be processed which include (but are not limited to):

  • Identifying you as a client;
  • Writing articles;
  • Producing television shows;
  • Social media campaigns;
  • Providing advert designs;
  • Providing website designs;
  • Designing email marketing;
  • Hosting websites, or apps;
  • Research;
  • SEO campaigning;
  • Marketing purposes;
  • Providing products;
  • Providing information to our insurers;
  • Providing access to our files for audit, review or other quality assurance checks by our regulations, auditors, professional advisers, governmental bodies;
  • Day-to-day operations for our business. For this we may use third party service providers for example procurement services, IT service providers, recruitment consultants); and
  • Development and/or tendering in relation to our services

Again, this list in not exhaustive and Charmont Media Global may undertake additional processing of personal data in line with the purposes set out above. We will update the notice to reflect any changes to the purposes for which your personal data is processed.

Sharing of personal information

We may share personal data with other parties in certain circumstances and where it is necessary to achieve the purposes detailed above or to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation or otherwise in pursuit of our legitimate business interests as follows:

  • Our business contracts;
  • Service and/or product providers;
  • People who are involved in contracts and transactions we are working on (for example other businesses/individuals our clients are contracting or working with);
  • Service providers (IT service providers); and
  • Our regulators, insurers, professional advisers or governmental bodies (for example SARS).
  • Our agents and suppliers, including those who provide us with technology services such as data analytics, hosting and technical support
  • Our professional advisors, auditors and business partners; iii. regulators, governments and law enforcement authorities

In these circumstances we will ensure that we have an agreement with that party to govern the proper use and protection of your data.

We cannot control all use of your information by third parties (especially where they are not our service providers and under contract with us, for example, personal information shared with regulators). As such, where your personal information has been shared with another data controller entity, you will have rights over how that third party handles your personal information and you can and should contact those parties directly if you want to exercise your rights in relation to those third party’s uses of your personal information.

Personal data retention

Section 14 of POPIA regulates the retention and restriction of records and states that records of personal information must not be retained any longer than is necessary for achieving the purpose for which the information was collected or subsequently processed, unless:

  • Retention of the record is required or authorised by law.
  • We reasonably require the record for lawful purposes related to our functions or activities.
  • Retention of the record is required by a contract between the parties thereto.
  • You, or a competent person where the data subject is a child, have consented to the retention of the record.

Charmont Media Global’s policy is to retain personal data for only as long as is needed to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise in accordance with applicable jurisdictional laws and/or regulations and/or business continuity purposes.

Charmont Media Global will typically retain data for as long as the business relationship is continuing and/or to comply with jurisdictional laws or regulations and/or business continuity purposes:

Unless there is any other valid legal reason to retain it, all matter files will usually be destroyed approximately 6 years after the service has concluded.

Storage of information

We are required to take appropriate, reasonable technical and organisational measures to prevent loss of/damage to, or unauthorised destruction of, your personal information as well as unlawful access. Our security measures are constantly evolving, which may affect the way we do business or the way in which we communicate with you. Save for where we can be found directly responsible, or instances where we are found to be negligent in following our prescribed policies and procedures in this regard, you will not be entitled to hold us liable for any unintended consequences arising out of personal information coming into the possession of persons not properly authorised to receive it.

Charmont Websites (IP Addresses & Cookies)

Charmont Media Global may use IP addresses to analyse trends, track visitor’s movements, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information. “Cookies” are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer’s hard drive. Generally, cookies work by assigning to your computer a unique number that has no meaning outside of our system. Our cookies do not contain any personally identifying information. We may use them to provide website statistics regarding the number of unique visitors to our site and for counting impressions on our pages. Cookies are also used to store your preferences (e.g., customize the columns displayed on your portfolio). Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can change your browser to prevent that, although this may break certain other features of our site. Based on the aggregated information gained from cookies and IP addresses, statistical reports may be generated for use by Charmont Media Global This information will never identify you; it only defines site visitors in general terms. If you use the Charmont Media Global websites and follow a link from it to another website, different privacy policies may apply. Prior to submitting any personal information to a website, you should always read the privacy notice applicable to that website.

Your rights

Charmont Media Global will always process your personal data in accordance with our obligations, our rights and your rights.

In certain circumstances, you have the right to seek the erasure (“the right to be forgotten”) or the right to have your personal data corrected if it is inaccurate. You have the right to object to particular aspects of how your data is processed, to restrict the processing of your personal data and you have the right to move, copy of transfer your personal data to another party in a commonly used format.

You have a separate right of access to your personal data processed by Charmont Media Global. You may be asked for information to confirm your identity and/or assist Charmont Media Global to locate the data you are seeking as part of our response to your request. If you wish to exercise your right of access please contact the senior partner at our office with your request.

You are always welcome to opt out of receiving any information/newsletters from Charmont Media Global. An “unsubscribe” button appears at the bottom of all newsletters.

Under data protection laws you have a number of rights. Please note that these rights are not without limitation, and in some instances may not be available.

Where applicable, you have the right to:

  • Request that we confirm whether or not we hold personal information about you.
  • Request that we provide you with a description of the personal information we hold about you, and to explain why and how it is being processed.
  • Request that inaccurate/incomplete personal information be corrected/completed or deleted.
  • Request that we consider your objections to the processing of your personal information.
  • Object to direct marketing.
  • Lodge a complaint with us and/or the Information Regulator. To exercise your rights as set out above, please send an email to our appointed Information Officer ( and we will attend to your request in terms of our internal policies and procedures.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this privacy notice, or if you wish to exercise your rights or contact the company, you can email the Information Officer of Charmont Media Global at

To dispute, revoke or amend any consent you gave Charmont Media Global permission to process your information, please provide the information below:

Your full name

Your email

Indicate the action you want to take:

Amend consent

Revoke consent

Dispute consent

Send this information to our Information Officer:

Our appointed Information Officer

If for any reason you think that your information is not processed in a correct manner, or that your information is being used for a purpose other than that for what it was originally intended, you can also contact our Information Officer.

We have registered our Information officer with the Information Regulator (SA).

Full names: Charleen Clarke

Contact: +27 (0)11 782-1070