Solutions for changing business environments

Solutions for changing business environments

The global business environment is ever-changing – and the change happens at a rapid pace. To survive during these troubling times, businesses and their partners must continually adapt to give themselves an edge over the competition. Ctrack has the solution …

Anyone who wants to operate vehicles efficiently needs information. Having the correct information in a tangible format is essential to making the right decisions.

“No matter what industry your business operates in, if you use vehicles or movable assets, Ctrack can help. During Ctrack’s 30-year history, we have developed cutting-edge tracking and fleet management hardware and software solutions. We can also tailor specific analytics to aid with short- and long-term decision-making,” says Hein Jordt, managing director of Ctrack SA.

A comprehensive fleet management solution ensures that safety and security risks, such as dangerous driving, safety, driver fatigue, theft, hijackings and area management, can be mitigated.

Improved productivity is guaranteed when business owners know how their vehicles are being used. Efficient fleet management will help avoid unnecessary costs incurred by factors such as speeding, accidents, fuel consumption and harsh driving.

Bespoke solutions for every industry

Whether your fleet consists of motorcycles or mining and yellow equipment or whether you operate within airports or the agricultural sector, Ctrack has developed and perfected bespoke tracking and fleet management solutions for a wide variety of industries. Compact, battery-operated tracking devices mean that anything can be tracked, from combine harvesters to small packages.

“Ctrack’s emphasis on researching and developing next-generation products ensures that we remain ahead of the market, meeting demands for value-added, flexible, feature-rich and cost-effective technology that keeps everything ‘Always Visible’ no matter what your industry of operation,” says Jordt.

Testament to this is the fact that Ctrack also provides integrated solutions with third parties and products that are not normally seen as true tracking products. This one-stop shop for fleet managers provides solutions such as a state-of-the-art camera solution, Ctrack Iris, where transport and asset managers can view live camera footage of dash-cams and up to 6 cameras fitted to trucks, trailers and inside cargo bodies. In-cab devices that assist drivers with multitasking and route management are a result of years of development of software reports that are easily accessible via mobile devices and cloud-based platforms.

Using data effectively

Cutting-edge hardware relies on dependable software to operate effectively and to provide users with the necessary information in a tangible format.

Ctrack can help any business to take the guesswork out of running fleets. Realtime, weekly or monthly reports analyse the data and highlight where an action or decision needs to be made, whether that is regarding driver behaviour, route optimisation or vehicle maintenance.

Ctrack’s Bureau Service is the complete outsourcing of fleet control room activities, backed by highly proficient hindsight, insight and foresight data analytics and

Furthermore, easy-to-use software solutions include Ctrack’s Driver Centric Mobi application. Using Ctrack Mobi, assets can be monitored from almost anywhere using a smartphone or tablet with an internet connection.

In addition to vehicle locations, Ctrack’s real-time visibility software, including mobile applications and website dashboards, provides valuable information on drivers, points of interest, ground coverage, upcoming tasks and even a live productivity dashboard.

The culmination of real-time visibility, proactive notifications and infographics ensures optimised and efficient asset utilisation and ultimately a more profitable operation across a variety of industries.

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