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Tata Motors’ range of buses in South Africa has been specifically engineered to withstand rugged, local conditions, offering unmatched value for transport operators

Public transport in South Africa forms a vital part of the economic and social development of the country, with the majority of the population dependent on services provided by commuter buses or taxis. Tata Motors, the world’s fourth-largest bus manufacturer, understands all aspects of public transport. Part of the US$ 100-billion Tata Group, for over 60 years the company has redefined ways in which people view public transport.

With a line-up ranging from 12- to 67-seat buses, Tata Motors offers a wide selection of commercial passenger-transport solutions. So, if you want to ferry children to school safely, transport staff to office hassle-free or profitably transfer passengers inter or intra city, the company has the answers.

Locally, Tata Motors and its distribution partner, Tata Automobile Corporation South Africa, has been catering to commuters for more than 21 years, continually reviewing its solutions to meet market needs. The company’s bus range in South Africa includes the 28-seat, 7,5-m long Tata Marcopolo 713 Starbus; the 38-seat, 9,0-m long Tata LPO 918; and the 65-seat, 12-m long Tata Marcopolo 1823 Starbus Commuter.

Tata Marcopolo Motors Limited is a joint venture which combines the technology and know-how of Tata Motors with Marcopolo Brazil, the world’s acknowledged leader in coach and bus bodybuilding. All Tata Motors’ buses feature a chassis that has been specially developed to offer maximum reliability and safety to commuters and operators.

The Tata Marcopolo 1823 Starbus Commuter is powered by a 235 hp, 5,9-litre Cummins engine mated to an Eaton gearbox. The powertrain offers unmatched reliability and proven performance. What truly distinguishes the product is a set of unique features, among them a transmission-mounted, hydrodynamic Voith retarder; full airbrakes and ABS; a 380-mm diameter clutch; a robust front axle with a class-leading, 7,7-t capacity; and 315/80R22.5 tyres. Combined with a three-year/300 000-km warranty, the features help to make the bus the smart choice for reliable and safe commuter transportation.

The 28-seat Tata Marcopolo 713 Starbus is also purpose built for enhanced safety. Using as its platform a dedicated bus chassis instead of an adapted truck chassis, the vehicle is powered by a 130 hp Tata 697 TCIC engine. Specially designed bus suspension ensures maximum comfort, while ABS and full airbrakes are standard features.  Combined with a three-year/300 000-km warranty, the bus offers a perfect solution for staff or scholar transportation needs.

The Tata LPO 918 is perceived as one of the most versatile buses on South Africa’s roads. It is built for multipurpose transport applications and meets the needs of the mining industry, among others. The vehicle is powered by a 180 hp Tata Cummins 6BT engine and is built on a dedicated bus chassis.  ABS and full airbrakes are standard features.

The bus has an optimised front overhang with its front door placed ahead of the front axle. It also offers best in class width of 2,4 m. It is sold with a three-year,
300 000-km warranty.

“Tata Motors’ bus range represents the best value for money for commercial passenger-transport solutions, as our offerings are customised to suit each market in which we operate. Whether it is Asia, Middle East or Africa, we have specifically engineered solutions suited to each region’s duty cycle, terrain and conditions.

“We have worked closely with governments and have offered bespoke passenger transport solutions in Mozambique, Nigeria, Sudan, Senegal and Ivory Coast to name a few countries,” says Rudrarup Maitra, head of commercial vehicles for international business. “Our range of buses in South Africa has been specifically engineered to withstand rugged conditions and offers unmatched value for local bus operators.”

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