Putco and Netstar team up to keep roads safe

Putco has teamed up with vehicle tracking company Netstar to help implement a range of initiatives aimed at increasing road safety and reducing accidents involving its buses, especially along the notoriously dangerous R573 Moloto Corridor.

The initiatives follow meetings between Putco and transport MECs Jacob Mamabolo (Gauteng) and Gillion Mashego (Mpumalanga). The Moloto Corridor stretches over 160 km and spans three provinces – Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo – and is used by over 60 000 commuters daily.

In addition, with a view to improving driver competency, Putco’s bus drivers are already undergoing advanced driver training courses at Armscor’s Gerotek facility near Pretoria. So far, 20 Putco drivers from Tshwane and Mpumalanga have completed the training.

“Netstar has been working with Putco for three years, taking it on a journey which kicked off with the installation of telematics systems to provide data on driver and passenger behaviour,” says Shaun Bradshaw, a Netstar executive.

He says the data is now being mined and is used as part of the driver training curriculum. “The Netstar fleet-management solution offers features including driver behaviour, incident escalation and digital inspection.

“The data we collect provides insights into aspects such as over-idling, speeding, extreme braking and harsh acceleration, and can be used as a tool for improved driver training. The initiative represents a real manifestation of how data can be analysed and translated into real-time benefits.”

Other initiatives introduced by Putco include road safety information sessions for drivers presented by officials from the Road Traffic Infringement Agency and the Road Traffic Management Corporation.

Additionally, 300 drivers operating along the Moloto Corridor have attended a defensive driving safety presentation given by a senior instructor from Gerotek.

“Putco and Gerotek (both accredited driver training providers) have signed a Letter of Intent to enter into a partnership to establish an accredited driver training academy to service the post-licence driver training needs of the industry, ensure adherence to the norms and standards of driver training and enhance advanced driver training to the benefit of the industry,” says Franco Pisapia, Putco’s managing director.

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