PPC Slurry increases its Scania Mining Fleet

Scania South Africa recently hosted a handover ceremony at the PPC Slurry site in Mafikeng, North West Province.

This partnership between Scania and PPC Slurry is a clear indicator of the total migration from the use of conventional yellow-metal haulers. PPC Slurry now has a total of seven Scania G410CB8x4EHZ heavy mining tippers in its fleet, operating at the site in Mafiikeng.

Andre Niemand, technical advisor for mining at PPC Slurry, notes that Scania’s willingness to tailor-make the trucks to the unique specifications of the site, and the lower total operating cost, were the main reasons behind the decision to team up with Scania.

PPC Slurry now has seven Scania 8×4 heavy mining tippers in its fleet, which have replaced yellow-metal units.

With regard to the total operating cost, Niemand explained that a cost saving of approximately 20 percent for maintenance is currently being achieved. This is in comparison with the conventional range of rigid haulers that were run by the company.

The truck has a lighter body, which translates into increased payload and lower fuel consumption. Fuel savings of up to 50 percent (when compared to the previous range of conventional yellow-metal haulers) are being realised.

Scania South Africa and PPC Slurry entered into a consultation process on improvements to the new range of tippers that were recently delivered. Notable improvements have been made to the bin, which was previously a major concern on the early Scania units that the company had acquired.

The bin has since been designed in line with the company’s expectations. A double hydraulic cylinder was one of the key motivators of the sale, as it addressed both safety and dumping speed concerns.

Niemand says: “The dual hydraulic cylinders have since improved the speed of tipping and the stability of the bin. Early trials have indicated an improvement of about a minute in tipping time compared with the previous bins.”

Dual hydraulic cylinders have cut a minute from tipping time and improved stability.

The material used to make the bins is also suitable for real heavy-duty mining. The lifetime of the product has also improved through addressing all the stress points in the body. In order to reduce carry back, the inside corners of the bin have been engineered to provide a “bath tub” effect to allow for smooth flow of material.

Anders Friberg, general manager – vehicle sales and export at Scania South Africa – concludes: “PPC’s expansion of its Scania mining tipper fleet creates a good footprint for Scania in its quest to grow this solution in the local market. With collaborative thinking and involvement from both Scania and its customers, the company is sure to take the mining sector by storm.”

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