Optimising fleet management

MiX Track and React is the perfect solution to manage drivers and fleets in real-time

To realise the full benefits of a fleet-management system, drivers need to comply with pre-determined driving criteria and procedures. These are usually set according to a company’s individual needs and the specific industry in which it operates.

MiX Track and React (TAR) is a 24/7 control room service from MiX Telematics that assists in managing drivers and fleets in real-time. When critical driving events are triggered by the telematics system, the trained MiX TAR agents contact the driver to bring the event to his or her attention. This improves driving style, resulting in increased productivity and safety, as well as reduced fuel and maintenance costs. Incidents like hijackings and vehicle theft can be acted on immediately, thereby limiting losses.

Other valuable benefits include:

  • Reduced risk as the ability to recover stolen vehicles is improved, especially as the control room operates 24/7;
  • Safety of vehicles and drivers is improved as events are managed proactively;
  • Productivity of the fleet is increased due to fewer unauthorised stops;
  • Return on investment is increased due to continuous change management and driver compliance monitoring.

With the MiX Track and React bureau service, the visibility of drivers and fleets is not only heightened, but companies are ultimately afforded greater control over what happens when they are out on the road. This allows companies to focus on their core businesses, while at the same time reducing risk and boosting productivity.

Features include:

  • 24/7 incident management and reporting of vehicle and trailer theft or hijacking;
  • Alarm signals for panic alerts or power disconnects;
  • Voice logging of calls for quality control and proof of calls.

This makes the MiX Track and React service the perfect solution for customers who need to outsource the monitoring responsibility and avoid intimidation from their own drivers or fleet controllers, in addition to being an affordable solution.

For more information about the MiX Track and React solution and to sign up, visit our website and download the flyer.

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