Opel cleans up!

Industroclean, a Level 4 BBBEE business that provides services to the industrial and institutional cleaning market, recently purchased a fleet of Opel Combo cargo vans with a view to transporting technicians and equipment into the field.

According to a statement issued by Opel, the vans are aimed at helping Industroclean maintain its commitment to providing superior after-sales support to customers. “A fleet manager’s purchase decision is based on the value of a vehicle beyond its retail price. Return on investment is key, with low total cost of ownership being the ultimate goal. The Opel Combo fully meets both these requirements for Industroclean,” the statement says.

The derivative is powered by a turbocharged, 1,6 litre diesel engine that produces 68 kW and 230 Nm. Fuel economy is said to be in the 5,0 litres per 100 km range. “With safety, comfort and security a top priority, the Combo has been designed to not only keep the driver and passenger safe but, just as importantly, to offer maximum protection for valuable cargo and equipment by keeping it out of sight in an alarm-equipped, enclosed shell that is an integral part of the vehicle’s body.”

Blacked-out windows, remote-controlled central locking, rear interior electronic door locks and an anti-theft immobiliser help to reinforce the vehicle’s security aspects, while safety features include airbags, three-point seatbelts, hill-start assist, ABS, EBD and ESP.  Air-conditioning, an audio system, Bluetooth and USB ports are among other features.

“The flexibility of the Combo van is geared towards business needs, with solutions tailored to suit individual requirements,” the statement adds. “The protected steel box created by the Combo’s body shape includes floor tie-downs to eliminate movement and reduce inner-body damage, allowing for a number of opportunities for the fitting of shelves, storage bins, toolboxes, refrigeration equipment or compressors. The cargo area offers plenty of flexibility.”

Industroclean chose the long wheelbase version, which offers a length of 4 753 mm and generous width of 1 848 mm, delivering a superior payload of up to 1 tonne and a towing capacity of up to 1 250 kg with a braked trailer. “The Combo’s enclosed, square-shaped body and rear cargo area offer up to 4,4 cubic metres of load space, with a flat floor and no intrusion from the wheel arches. A low load height allows for efficient and easier manoeuvring of goods and equipment, both in and out of the two sliding side doors and extended dual-opening back doors. Additionally, Industroclean’s exterior body branding has become a moving billboard for product awareness,” the statement says.

According to Opel, the Combo was designed as part of a cross-business programme in which services were systematically tailored as closely as possible to the needs of business-to-business customers around the globe, with a view to offering convenience, safety, security and high value for money.

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