Looking after your bus fleet and your drivers

Looking after your bus fleet and your drivers

Being at the forefront of innovative technology as one of South Africa’s leading driver behaviour management companies, DriveRisk continues its mission to reduce on-road risk for fleet operators and the driver community

It does so by developing and providing risk-identifying information coupled with preventive forecasting and behaviour-changing solutions. DriveRisk creates focused risk profiles of particular drivers, using state-of-the-art video events, fatigue monitoring, caller reports and other telematics-based solutions, so that fleet operators can establish an accountable, structured and proactive solution to driver management. Being the sole African distributor of the legendary DriveCam event recorder, DriveRisk is also the original innovator of the Report My Driving programme on a structured commercial platform.

Typical fleet management programmes use several hardware and software applications to help minimise their on-road risk exposure, but if these tools are not applied in a coordinated manner, the results will remain less than optimal. DriveRisk offers fleet owners and operators an extensive range of technically advanced products, dedicated human back-up teams and the most sophisticated predictive analytics. The aim? To help these companies develop strategies to mitigate their on-road risk, protect their capital and human investment, and improve their bottom line. DriveRisk is unrivalled in this market; it seamlessly and automatically turns recorded data into easily executed solutions designed to reduce fleet risks and ultimately drive down operating costs.

Many bus companies are currently carrying only 50% loads, due to Covid regulations. Even in these circumstances, though, DriveRisk provides peace of mind through its DriveCam programme and the DriveAlert fatigue monitoring application. These solutions assist in reviewing and prioritising events that play a significant role in day-to-day operations, enabling the owners of bus fleets to focus on important and relevant information, which is readily available on its online, prioritised dashboard.

For example, through examining the safety dashboard of a bus company client, the DriveCam team found that collisions and near-collisions mostly occurred at intersections. When the video events were analysed it was determined that these were largely due to third party error; the DriveRisk client manager was then able to suggest that drivers be particularly alert when approaching intersections to avoid further collisions or near-collisions, thus bringing their risk profile down.

Another bus company was able to reduce its incident severity score over a six-month period through its involvement in the DriveCam programme. The company regularly coached its drivers on how to reduce risky behaviours.

DriveRisk believes that the driver is the most valuable asset on the road and its solutions are aimed at the prevention of accidents rather than containing damage afterwards.

DriveRisk continues to transform bus fleets and many other sectors to be safer and more efficient, increase fleet productivity, reduce risk exposure and, as a result, increase profit margins.

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