Hilton Logistics goes the extra mile in the Daewoo Maximus

Hilton Logistics goes the extra mile in the Daewoo Maximus

Hilton Logistics has welcomed 10 Daewoo 7548 Maximus trucks into its growing fleet, having found them to be well-suited to the company’s core business of providing logistics and warehousing solutions to the mining and industrial sectors

“Our decision was based on the excellent vehicle performance and after-sales support from Daewoo Trucks,” says Hilton Logistics founder Louis Moodley. “Our drivers have previous experience operating trucks with similar drivetrains, in addition to drivetrain parts being readily available locally, facilitating easy service and repair. This supports our customer promise that a delivery is guaranteed, like you are taking it there yourselves.”

Harneet Luther, CEO of Tata Automobile Corporation, which is responsible for Daewoo Trucks in South Africa, says, “Keeping the wheels of our customers’ trucks turning is critical in ensuring their profitability, which is why we are dedicated to providing reliable trucks with round-the-clock support.”

Formally launched in South Africa in September 2019, there are already close to 300 Daewoo Maximus KL3TX units out in the South African and pan-African markets. Daewoo provides free training at its Germiston training facility, covering technical, mechanical, maintenance and service, while on-site driver training is available from fully qualified driver trainers.

The Daewoo trucks have been purchased solely for dry bulk tanker applications, because of the model’s extraordinary engine capacity for both local and long-distance usage. “This is a fit-for-purpose truck tractor using the tried and trusted combination of a 480 hp Cummins engine with an Eaton Ultra-Shift Plus or ZF AMT transmission,” explains Luther.

“Our mission is to provide high-quality, innovative logistics and warehousing solutions to suit the ever-growing needs and demands of our customers nationally,” Moodley tells FOCUS. With over 32 years of transport industry experience, he believes that strong management and leadership skills are behind the Alberton-based company’s success, allowing him to grow his fleet from just one to 147 trucks over the last 20 years.

The management team of Hilton Logistics, Tata Automobile Corporation and ELT celebrate the handover.

Authorised Daewoo dealer ELT Group, with whom Hilton Logistics has a long-standing business relationship, facilitated the transaction. “We really appreciate the structured pricing, affordability and after-sales service ELT has always provided,” says Moodley. “What the customer wants is prompt service and reduced downtime. This is exactly what we have always received from ELT over many years.”

“With more than 17 years of trucking industry experience, we understand the extra heavy commercial vehicle market,” says ELT group director, Marc Auby. “As a family of transporters, we have a clear understanding of our customers’ needs, helping us to strive for leadership in the truck service and parts sales industry.”

He says that ELT aims to be a “one-stop shop” solution for its customers. “We always put our customers first and try to enhance their profitability by offering the complete package. It is all about finding the right product for their specific application, coupled with custom-made workshop and parts solutions at competitive pricing,” he adds. “ELT Group values customer relationships more than anything, so we aim to provide Hilton Logistics with many happy Daewoo trucking hours.”

Luther echoes this sentiment: “We would like to thank Hilton Logistics for showing trust in the brand. We are confident of taking this relationship to new heights because our experienced dealers like ELT are geared towards exceptional customer service in this journey of making Daewoo Trucks a well-known and accepted brand in the local market.”

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