Fast-tracking women in transport

Fast-tracking women in transport

Volvo Trucks South Africa and Lafarge South Africa (which manufactures and supplies the local construction industry with cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and fly ash products) have joined forces with other stakeholders to launch the AccelerateHer initiative. Ten women from KwaZulu-Natal will join the project’s pilot phase, which aims to empower more female owner-drivers within Lafarge’s operations. The intention is to expand it throughout the country.

The successful applicants will receive intensive three-year training through the Commercial Transport Academy as part of the Volvo Trucks Iron Women heavy commercial driver training programme. The participants will also undergo business acumen training to empower them as owner-drivers; with a focus on aspects like technology, finance, entrepreneurship, business and road transport management, as well as labour legislation and HR practices.

“We believe that, given the correct resources and support, these women-owned transport businesses have the potential to flourish and make a real change in the lives of the participants, their families and their communities,” says Noriko Solomon, Aggregates and ReadyMix director from Lafarge.

“We are excited about the new doors that will open for women in transport because of this joint initiative with Lafarge South Africa,” says Marcus Hörberg, vice president of Volvo Group Southern Africa. “As a big supporter of the difference women can make in the industry, we are very proud and humbled that the Volvo Trucks Iron Women project has been able to develop and grow and make such a lasting impact in many people’s lives.”

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