Clark launches new L-Series forklift: built for Africa!

Clark launches new L-Series forklift: built for Africa!

Clark has launched a new diesel forklift series with load capacities from 2 000 to 3 300 kg. With a focus on good value for money, the L-Series is designed for the markets in the Middle East and Africa.

With the L-Series, Clark is offering the best of both the quality and cost worlds. On the one hand, the forklifts are just as powerful and solidly built as you’d expect from a Clark forklift. On the other hand, they feature low operating costs, making them the ideal workhorse for operators who use a sharp pencil when calculating the cost of ownership.

The L-Series uses only proven components, such as Clark’s industry-leading masts with a damping system and a reliable low-vibration industrial diesel engine. In combination with the carefully thought-out design of the truck and the generously designed operator compartment, this truck series offers excellent value. It sets up the L-Series for safe, reliable and cost-effective operations over a long service life. The diesel forklifts are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, such as logistics, distribution and manufacturing. Even extreme weather conditions – such as intense sunlight – do not limit their performance.

Robust Clark industrial diesel engine

The Clark L-Series features industrial diesel engines with excellent acceleration, which makes them suitable for daily use in a wide range of applications. The diesel engine with 36,8 kW combined with a single-speed transmission provides comfortable handling of the truck, high performance and reliable operation. The engine is mounted on rubber dampers. This significantly reduces vibration for the driver and provides a smooth ride. The maximum travel speed is 19 km/h. A drum brake ensures a reliably high level of safety. The hydraulic-activated service brakes ensure that the work is undertaken in a relaxed and stress-free manner with full focus on the task at hand. In addition, the drum brakes are easy to service.

A special feature of the L-Series is its easy maintenance to reduce operating costs – no computer diagnostic systems are required. The elimination of unnecessary electronics also improves the reliability of the trucks. The use of standard components facilitates the procurement of parts and also increases the ease of maintenance so that the series has a very long service life.

Spacious driver compartment

The driver’s compartment is very spacious with plenty of headroom for added comfort and safety. The driver accesses the operator compartment via a large, low, non-slip metal step. A grab handle on the driver’s side of entry makes it easy to climb up and down from the truck. A rubber floor mat, covering the footwell, prevents slippage. Various seats are available, and the driver has an impressive amount of legroom. The foot pedals are arranged as in passenger cars. The hydraulic levers are cowl mounted and can be used even when one is wearing gloves. The hydrostatic power steering system makes steering easy, with full lock reached in just a few turns of the small steering wheel. An intuitive handbrake is located on the front left of the driver’s seat. Operating data is displayed in real-time on the clear display screen. The operator always has an overview of the truck’s performance. All displays are easy to read, even in outdoor sunlight.

The construction of the Clark mast ensures a generous field of vision for the driver. The L-Series is available with standard, Hi-Lo and triplex masts. The heavy-duty interlocked narrow profiles of the masts provide high strength even under heavy loads. A hydraulic damping system reduces impacts and vibrations. The fork carriage enhances the durability of this design during daily use to a maximum lift height up to 7 315 mm.

Extensive optional equipment

The L-Series is available with a wide range of additional equipment for easy adaptation depending on application. Among the additional standard equipment options are LED front headlights, direction indicator lights at the front, pneumatic tyres, rear combination lights with brake lights and white reversing light, vinyl seat, paintwork in the bright Clark Green safety colour, driver’s cabins and mast in black, rear-view mirrors and wheel rims in black. Options are also SE tyres, wide drive, dual drive, non-marking tyres, integrated or hook-on side shifts, additional hydraulic functions, quick-release disconnect, strobe light, rear work light and various seats.

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