Celebrating the V8

A Scania truck with a V8 badge in its nose is legendary property among truckers – and for good reason

Power, performance and prestige are three words that probably best sum up the Scania V8 engine, as the brand celebrates 50 years of its production. With a reputation for groundbreaking technology spanning decades, these premium engines are designed to be about so much more than pure power.

With up to 373 kW (500 hp) and 2 400 Nm, these 16-litre powerhouses are already impressive on paper – but they’re also designed to drive business efficiency. Their smooth power delivery and massive torque combine with excellent operating economy, rock-solid reliability and longevity.

Scania has created this ideal scenario with the use of high-tech components. For example, the Scania XPI fuel injection system works independently of the camshaft position, with multiple injections, for increased efficiency and emissions control. The Scania saver piston rings stop lubricating oil from reaching the combustion chamber, which means lower oil consumption and reduced maintenance.

Naturally, that power is there for a reason … but a good engine is nothing without a good gearbox. The V8 can be had with 12- or 12+2-speed gearboxes that can be fitted with fully integrated Scania Opticruise and Scania Retarder.

These gearboxes are built to make the most of the V8’s vast offering and tackle the most challenging operations. The closely stepped ratios and light weight of the 12-speed make it the choice in long-haul operations.

For applications that demand extra low-speed pulling power, the 12+2-speed gearbox has two extra crawler ratios – meaning it can be used in any application from regional or long-haul distribution to heavy construction.

The combination of V8 and advanced transmissions makes climbing a hill, conducting a safe overtake, or meeting a tight delivery schedule, effortless. The truck does the hard work – easily.

And while the truck is doing the work – backed up by services tailored to the application, from finance to servicing and telematics – the driver can do his job in a comfortable environment.

As with any Scania, every aspect of seating, accommodation and storage has been perfected and V8 drivers enjoy several V8-only interior features and options. Fluted black leather seats with an embossed V8 symbol and light grey stitching add a truly premium feel, while the black wooden steering wheel with black leather trim and light grey stitching quite literally puts the premium nature of the truck in his hands.

With its continuing drive to perfect the V8, Scania has become an innovator in high-output V8 engine technology. Yet, in doing so, it has created trucks that are about so much more than their engines.

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