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UD Trucks’ all-new Quon – born for a new generation

For the first time since 2004, UD Trucks has fully updated its flagship Quon. The extra-heavy-duty truck, unveiled at last month’s Futuroad Expo at Automechanika Johannesburg, continues to reflect the brand’s dedication to supporting customers’ businesses in every respect – but with heightened focus on technological innovation.

In taking the wraps off the vehicle, Gert Swanepoel, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa, said that from inception the brand had worked hard to go the extra mile in developing new truck technologies with an eye to the future, so that its products always met the needs of the times.

“Over the years, social changes have brought about new customer needs such as improved transport quality, efficiency and cost reduction,” he said.  “We have met these needs in the new Quon by focusing our technological innovations in five areas – drivability, fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness, safety, productivity and uptime.”

Swanepoel said that UD’s commitment to innovation derived from the brand’s customer-first corporate philosophy, as well as its dedication to bringing joy to all those who depend on transport in their daily lives.

With a view to increasing productivity, he said the user-friendly interior of the Quon had been crafted to make drivers feel more comfortable while on the road, while other features designed to boost the vehicle’s efficiency had been incorporated in the engine, drivetrain and transmission system.

“Quon brings trucking’s future forward,” he said. “It’s a most modern truck that, having undergone extensive local tests, is tailor-made for South African conditions.”

Listing some of the enhancements, Swanepoel said disk brakes are now a standard feature, while a Traffic Eye braking system has been introduced. A hydraulic retarder, lane departure warnings and stability control have also been incorporated.

Gearboxes include an upgraded version of UD’s Escot mechanical automatic transmission system, and the Euro-5 engine – which is used across the range – produces 460 hp and meets advanced emission standards.

“Tackling social issues through the development of cutting-edge technologies is important – but it is not enough,” he said. “We need to also confront issues that affect anyone working in transportation operations involving our trucks, so that they, too, can go the extra mile.

“We believe in a people-first approach to technological innovation. We invite you to experience this commitment for yourselves with our all-new Quon – a truck for a new generation.”

In his address at the launch, marketing director Rory Schulz said UD Trucks followed a product design philosophy driven by the idea of creating dependable tools that also emanate human warmth. “We call it the hexagonal concept,” he said. “It is defined by six adjectives – tough, smart, distinctive, harmonised, caring and supportive – which also perfectly epitomise our corporate motto of ultimate dependability.”

He said as part of a greater society – and with an innate responsibility to protect and care for the environment – the Quon’s technologically advanced powertrain was developed to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions – and ultimately enhance transport efficiency.

“Being people-oriented, we believe that focusing on our environment is very important for the future. In this respect, fuel efficiency was a key consideration in the development of the all-new Quon, and the result is an improved driveline that achieves a high level of economy and ultimately enhances transport efficiency.”

“In all, we believe the vehicle better meets today’s diverse business needs. It incorporates innovation that puts people first, and innovation designed to make business a success. It is the next-generation truck for the age of smart logistics – the epitome of everything we stand for at UD Trucks. It combines consummate design, quality, testing, technology and innovation to bring our customers the best in extra heavy trucking.”


• Fuel efficiency;

• Advanced driveline;

• Driveability;

• Comfortable and efficient driving performance;

• Safety;

• Safety functions for risk prediction;

• Productivity;

• Chassis designed with cargo hauling in mind;

• Uptime;

• Reliability and durability.

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