Onward and upward

Onward and upward March 22, 2021 Dr David Wyatt, a technology analyst at an independent market research and business intelligence firm IDTechEx, has this to say: “The main discourse around on-road vehicle electrification has been focused on environmental concerns about the automotive sector’s contribution to climate change.” But, writes JACO DE KLERK, there are a range of other benefits as well. Wyatt, who primarily works in the electric vehicles team, notes that a degree of altruism has always been required […]

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A watershed or just more of the same?

A watershed or just more of the same? March 22, 2021 Before the Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, took the floor on February 24 to deliver the 2021 Budget Speech, the financial services group PSG noted that this year’s edition would be a watershed for the country … JACO DE KLERK discovers that it wasn’t the turning point that so many hoped for. George Glynos, MD of the boutique financial market research and analysis house ETM Analytics, says that he […]

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Corona stuck around. So what?

Corona stuck around. So what? February 5, 2021 A meme inspired by WALL-E, the 2008 movie (American computer-animated science-fiction romance) about the lonely robot that tried to clean up Earth on its own, got JACO DE KLERK thinking – what will happen to those of us who survive this pandemic? There are two things that I absolutely adore, to my wife’s annoyance: animations and memes. The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary defines memes as an image, video, piece of text, etc., […]

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