Always visible driven by Ctrack

Always visible driven by Ctrack

Ctrack, a global supplier of vehicle tracking, insurance telematics and fleet management solutions, provides tailor-made solutions to customers, and caters for business and industrial requirements

Ctrack has the objective to transform business around the world, with the provision of innovative communication solutions, with actionable insights on cloud platforms.

The brand’s technology and electronic research division designs and develops a wide range of asset management and monitoring systems using GPS satellite positioning, GSM cellular and other advanced communication, and sensory technologies for a wide range of products and services. But, when you add supporting Ctrack’s software and business intelligence platforms, further value is unlocked, which integrates solutions with third parties and reveals products that are not usually considered as ‘true’ tracking facilitators.

This one-stop shop for fleet managers also presents a state-of-the-art camera solution, Ctrack Iris, whereby transport and asset managers can view live camera footage of dash-cams and four cameras fitted to trucks, trailers and inside cargo bodies. In-cab devices are easily viewed via mobile devices and cloud-based platforms.


Ctrack products provide safety and security for fleet owners and their staff, offering improved control and cost savings for businesses, and a wealth of fleet analytics for informed decision making. As a global leader in Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management & Insurance Telematics Solutions, with some 30 years’ experience, and a continuous investment in research and development, Ctrack is committed to making sure your vehicle or fleet is always visible. It does this through the following mechanisms:

  Aligning product with market requirements

The chosen tracking hardware system’s capabilities must match the requirements of the fleet it is to monitor. This system measures inputs and provides accurate data and reflects that data on an easily accessible platform. The software delivers the data in a readable format that improves the fleet controller’s assessment of the trends in the monitored fleet.

  Driver Management

Ctrack Driver Management tools provide multiple solutions to ensure operations run effectively, efficiently and safely. Operators can thus be easily managed and monitored across multiple vehicles and assets. Two Ctrack options amongst others are:

– Driver Mobi allows drivers to view their driving behaviour scores from the convenience of their internet-enabled smart phones. The scores are derived from the journeys they have made over the past 30 days. These scores are compared against other drivers in the company or against specific driver groups. This creates a competitive environment that encourages drivers to take personal responsibility for their driving, while simultaneously incentivising them to better the driving performance of their colleagues.

– On the Road Solution empowers a mobile workforce to perform their jobs efficiently and effectively with this Ctrack cab device that combines navigation and fleet experience with the openness and flexibility of an android device. The integration with Ctrack Software accommodates transport software systems, allowing for easy data extraction. The device is a high-quality, purpose-built out of the box solution equipped with best-in-class hardware.

  Transport & logistics

Ctrack understands that overseeing, optimising and successfully managing a large fleet is not an easy task. Decision-makers need to ensure that fleet operations stay efficient, costs kept low, and most importantly, that customers are satisfied with the service being offered.

Ctrack’s transport and logistics solutions help unlock better diagnostics, support compliance reporting, as well as providing tailormade analytics for short- and long-term decision-making, and tailor those to an individual or specific business need. The following three options are available amongst the arsenal of solutions:

– Fuel Solution (Physical in-tank solution via fuel sensor). The cost of doing business within the transport sector has increased dramatically over the past few years due to the impacts of external market conditions. Fuel, for example, accounts for 40-60% of a fleet’s total operating cost and until now there was no way to accurately and consistently manage and calculate true fuel usage. The Ctrack Fuel Solution accounts for this by, in effect, giving you eyes in the tank, providing insights on operational efficiency.

Many companies may claim they can measure fuel use accurately, however Ctrack, having performed its own in-field testing, proves that its new offering at 98% is the most accurate solution available. Ctrack stands behind its Fuel Solution as the most reliable means to monitor fuel use and uses an award-winning capacitive fuel probe to accurately measure and record fuel consumption in long haul trucks.

The Ctrack’s digital dashboard not only summarises fuel use over a determined period of time, but also the number of assets and percentages of fuel decreases or increases, as well as the average volume of those increases and decreases. Users can select this information by date, by driver or by vehicle/asset. Customers can use this information and recorded events to inform their strategies and change the culture within their company and among their staff.

– CanBus (Live Monitoring and real time fuel analytics). Ctrack believes that fuel management is the key that drives all other operating expenses in a vehicle fleet. The Ctrack Solo range is capable of measuring OEM CanBus data when OEM’s make such data available. The fuel portion, along with other engine and vehicle performance data, can then be converted and integrated into Ctrack software, and analysed in a number of reports. This Ctrack software is available online as well as on-site through the advanced Maxx version, which is capable of capturing a vehicle’s maintenance interval. In monitoring the vehicle’s mileage, a notice is triggered advising the fleet manager to schedule the next service or maintenance appointment.

A further capability of Ctrack CanBus is the integration with third-party systems that read fuel and maintenance data files provided by OEM systems, vehicle dealer systems or other accounting systems.

– Video Monitoring. By monitoring crew activities, it is possible to improve and enforce company processes and procedures, and reduce theft, pilferage and stock damage. Furthermore, the video solution from Ctrack can improve vehicle route optimisation, increase load frequency and hasten turnaround times.

Ctrack Iris is a high-quality, customisable video monitoring solution ideal for rental vehicles, light deliveries, fleet vehicles, heavy commercials, general machinery and busses, and will now feature a newly developed dashcam. Ctrack Iris is supported by cloud-based, web software and a password protected mobile application. These platforms provide video and dashboard event management, and an alarm triggers in real-time, ensuring reduced asset risk, more productive drivers, productive route management and ultimately reduced operating costs.

While most road accidents occur due to human error, the automated system which is provided with ADAS is proven to reduce road fatalities by minimising these errors. ADAS safety features are designed to avoid collisions and accidents by presenting technologies that alert the driver or operations centre to potential problems.

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