A bloodbath is looming!

A bloodbath is looming!

If certain individuals have their way, lots of truck drivers will be murdered this month

Recently, we received a message on WhatsApp. I am reproducing it here – warts, English errors and all.

Attention! We are concerned South African Truck drivers.

Fellow South Africans we will like to inform you once again about the upcoming shut down on the 07/07/2020 called by south african truck operators and all working sectors in private sector.

We strongly believe that to support each other in this situation caused by our USELESS GOVERNMENT in charge will bear good fruit. The looming SHUT DOWN is in and for all sectors from truck driver, security, hospitality, (hotels/b&b) farms and unemployed individuals. Please Note. WE are NOT ZHENOPHOBIC BUT WE DEMAND OUR JOBS BACK. WA LALA WA SALA.

Our USELESS GOVERNMENT only Care’s for foreign nationals than its own citizens but that must come to END. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Other countries respects its citizens and give them their attention unlike ours. Your support is expected and will be most appreciated PHANTSI NGE NGONGONGO PHANTSI. AWAY WITH FOREIGN NATIONALS FROM OUR JOBS AWAY.There is a lot of fake news doing the rounds, but I posted the message to Facebook anyway, stressing that I did not know if it was fake or genuine – but I felt it prudent to warn truck drivers that they could be facing grave danger. I was utterly horrified at the outpouring of hatred and rage that ensued.

I’m not going to tell you about all the rantings; quite frankly some of them are so venomous and offensive that they would never grace the pages of FOCUS. However, I would like to share some of the posts.

First and foremost, our Facebook followers stressed that it was most certainly not fake news. “From 07/07/2020, we expect no truck on the road until the whole industry is foreign free,” warned one follower.

“It is not fake news. As long as companies continue to hire foreigners it is still going to happen,” another warned.

  • As we wrapped up this issue of FOCUS, a reader sent us this pic. It was taken on the N3 at the Key Ridge compulsory stop going to towards Pietermaritzburg. Our reader reported that people in the vehicle with the ATDF banner were stopping and checking trucks, looking for foreign drivers.

Some followers said that the employment of foreigners would not stop – because they do a better job than South Africans. “My experience with foreigners has been extremely positive. They work harder than South Africans,” noted one follower.

Another concurred (kind of): “What I like about Zimbabweans is they are hard workers and what I hate about Zimbabweans is they are doing their hard work in South Africa not their own country,” he said.

Some people clearly support the concept of mass action. “Let it be peaceful; employers and employees please heed the call. No one needs to die over a resolvable issue. Foreigners please step down and let citizens have their jobs back,” one of our followers posted.

Others believe it won’t achieve anything. “If you really think that this toyi-toyi and violence, burning of trucks and killing of foreigners will solve anything, you are wrong. Because, the minute you burn that truck, you lose another job right there,” one follower warned.

Some are extremely resentful. “I have had my licence for six years. I am still unemployed and very angry,” one South African commented.

His post wasn’t well received: “Don’t ever think that we will tolerate you in our country with that stupid mind of yours. We will also show you our anger at our borders. You will die like flies. Come, we will show you,” a foreign trucker retorted.

Another foreigner concurred: “Watch and see. This war will be a bigger thing than expected. As long you treat foreign citizens badly, you will get the same thing when crossing the borders,” he warned.

Rather worryingly, it’s clear that there’s massive hatred out there. “More South Africans will die. Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Congo, Swaziland, Zambia … let us join hands and fight these people,” one driver urged.

His call fell on angry ears. “I have an AK-47 in my truck, I’m waiting for you,” wrote one follower.

Another sounded a particularly ominous warning. “Killing is our game, don’t push us please,” he posted. I fear that a bloodbath could be upon us.

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Charleen Clarke

CHARLEEN CLARKE is editorial director of FOCUS. While she is based in Johannesburg, she spends a considerable amount of time overseas, attending international transport events – largely in her capacity as associate member of the International Truck of the Year Jury.
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