Thermo King scoops top sustainability award

Innovative, zero-emission refrigeration unit seen to promote efficiency and reduce energy consumption

Ingersoll Rand’s Thermo King brand has won the European Transport Award for Sustainability 2020, it’s fully electric, zero-emission E-200 unit for vans and trucks below 3,5 t taking the honours in the competition’s cooling and heating category.

The refrigerated unit – which incorporates a patented power management system that reduces energy consumption – was seen by the competition’s judges to promote efficiency and reliability in the delivery of food and perishable items. The unit can be utilised by vehicles powered by combustion engines or by electric motors.

An optional battery pack – or a connection to the vehicle’s secondary battery – enables hold-over capacity that can be used during stops or breaks to keep the refrigeration unit running. The feature allows the driver to turn off the vehicle’s engine to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Further, the unit’s power system is compatible with a vehicle’s start-stop feature, contributing to additional fuel savings.

Regarded as a leader in temperature-control solutions for a variety of mobile applications, Thermo King’s innovative designs are in line with Ingersoll Rand’s sustainability commitment to reduce customer carbon footprints by one gigaton – one billion metric tonnes – of CO2 by 2030. For scale, that is equivalent to the annual emissions of Italy, France and the United Kingdom combined, says a statement issued by the company.

“Winning this award reflects the focus Thermo King places on innovation and sustainability and embodies our guiding principles as a leader in this industry,” says Francesco Incalza, vice-president of product management and marketing at Thermo King.

“For us, adapting technologies that reduce the impact that diesel emissions and greenhouse gases are having on our environment goes beyond governmental regulations – it is about doing what is right to improve the quality of life.”

According to the organisers of the competition, the biennial European Transport Award for Sustainability is intended to encourage companies in the transport and commercial vehicle sector to act sustainably, and to demonstrate that responsible action helps to solve social and ecological problems, while also helping to increase profitability and competitiveness for businesses.

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