The cost of fuel is out of control

The cost of fuel is out of control

The cost of fuel is crippling transport operators, meaning that there has never been a better time for the launch of FuelScience.

Do you know the real cost of fuel fraud in your business? Can you pinpoint which drivers are skimming fuel? Are you struggling to calculate accurate fuel consumptions per driver? Do you understand exactly how much fuel each driver is wasting? Are you training drivers based on specific targets and benchmarks per driver? Do you know which trucks are the most fuel efficient in each application?

Revolutionising Fuel Management

You need look no further than FuelScience – a comprehensive fuel management solution designed by transport and data science experts to disrupt the industry. The company manages the entire fuel value chain, digitising all fuel data and utilising advanced data analytics to audit each litre of fuel from bought to burnt, identifying exactly what needs to be done to eliminate fuel fraud and reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption.

Take Complete Control

Fuel costs accumulate daily, placing a huge burden on your resources and cash flow. Even if you invest in multiple systems and spend hours trying to gain control over your data and fuel processes, identifying fuel fraud or opportunities for improved fuel consumption is difficult. Fuel prices continue to climb, fraud is rampant, and fuel costs are spiralling out of control. Very few transporters can genuinely claim to have their fuel management under control, including the ability to identify and eliminate fuel fraud, improve driver fuel consumption through targeted training initiatives, and ensure they operate the most fuel-efficient trucks in each application.

A smart Fuel Solution

The team of fuel gurus at Inteleqt have invested over 60,000 hours to build FuelScience, a fuel management solution that really works. They’ve eliminated the need for additional devices; you won’t be required to purchase any extra hardware or invest in any new systems. The team uses multiple data sources, advanced analytics, and machine learning to provide full transparency into your fuel value chain and deliver bankable financial results.

The FuelScience team is fanatical about three things:

  1. Reducing fuel theft
  2. Improving driver performance
  3. Enhancing vehicle selection

The FuelScience journey isn’t just a process; it’s a strategic decision to eliminate fuel fraud and materially reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption. The FuelScience solution doesn’t just tell you what has happened in your business; it equips you with the precise knowledge of what needs to be done.

FuelScience is priced per vehicle per month, based on a pay-as-you-go subscription with no hardware costs and no contract periods. 

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