Supply chain metamorphosis at SAPICS conference

Supply chain metamorphosis at SAPICS conference

In today’s volatile business environment, supply chains have had to undergo a significant transformation; they are no longer linear processes. This metamorphosis will be explored at the next annual SAPICS Conference.

Supply chains have become dynamic and interconnected ecosystems capable of rapidly adapting to emerging technologies, market trends, and global challenges. To ensure that African supply chain professionals are equipped to understand the changes, challenges, and opportunities in this new supply chain landscape, organisers have announced that the 46th annual SAPICS Conference will be held under the theme “Supply Chain Metamorphosis”.

The Professional Body for Supply Chain Management (SAPICS) will host the event in association with the South African Association of Freight Forwarders (SAAFF) for the second consecutive year. This important conference is the leading education, knowledge sharing, and networking gathering for the African supply chain community. It will feature panel discussions, case studies, and presentations by leading international and African experts. They will explore the extraordinary evolution of supply chains in the wake of numerous chaotic disruptions in recent years.

The powerful partnership benefits SAPICS and SAAFF members and the supply chain community as a whole, says SAPICS president MJ Schoemaker: “We are delighted to host the SAPICS Conference again in association with SAAFF,” she says. “Collaborative relationships between professional supply chain organisations are vital to drive knowledge sharing and problem solving, to enable communication and cooperation between different industries and different stakeholders, and to enhance continuous innovation in the supply chain, which we need now more than ever.”

“Africa is at the portal of its most significant period in terms of its role in the world economy, and supply chains are the beating heart of economic development,” says Dr Juanita Maree, CEO of SAAFF. “We are thrilled to collaborate with SAPICS to co-host their conference again, further strengthening our commitment to knowledge sharing and networking within our industry. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our valued partners at SAPICS for their unwavering support and dedication to making this conference a success once again.”

Call for speakers

The call for speakers for the 2024 SAPICS Conference, to be held in Cape Town from 9 to 12 June 2024, is now open. Industry professionals and supply chain experts are invited to submit presentations for review by the organisers. The topics suggested by SAPICS for speakers’ consideration include digitalisation, sustainability, global resilience, e-commerce, freight forwarding trends (and optimising global trade), supply chain talent, and public health supply chains.

“We are looking for inspiring or educational experiences, lessons learnt, solutions, and best practices; enlightening expertise and insights; new technology and concepts; case studies; and white papers,” Schoemaker expands.

“The annual SAPICS Conference is the ideal platform for supply chain professionals to make a valuable contribution to the annual update of our profession’s body of knowledge. By sharing your supply chain experiences and expertise, fellow professionals from around the globe will be able to benefit from your knowledge. Being a speaker at the annual SAPICS Conference is also a way to give back to the supply chain community and to grow professionally,” she adds.

All SAPICS Conference speakers are chosen on merit and relevance by a carefully selected committee made up of supply chain professionals from across a variety of roles and responsibilities in the supply chain, who are representative of the SAPICS and SAAFF communities. The closing date for the submission of speaker applications is 19 January 2024. Visit the SAPICS website,, to complete the online application, or email for an email application or more information.

Python containers being transported

Behind our XF FAW, we have a three-axle trailer from GS Meppel. On the trailer and as well as the XF are Python containers from KTK. Beautifully fitted with tarpaulins and turnbuckles, the impressive combination looks almost artistic, helped by the fact that the containers are painted in the same gold-yellow colour as the XF.

On the chassis of the XF is a VDL hook-lift system, which should make the container easy to unload. The chassis of the XF is also equipped with a broom and a shovel – pretty handy when transporting sand or gravel. By the way, it is good to know that DAF now has a Bodybuilder Integration Tool. With this, hauliers can precisely specify their new truck, like this FAW, and dealers and conversion specialists can get to work much faster to get you the desired end product.

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