Scania is on a roll

Scania is performing extremely well. In fact, its net sales rose to a record SEK 31.1 billion (R45,4 billion) and earnings in the first quarter amounted to SEK 3,315 million (R4,84 million), which yielded an operating margin of 10,7 percent.

Not too shabby!

According to Henrik Henriksson, the company’s president and CEO, higher vehicle and service volume contributed positively, while a less favourable market mix, higher production costs for running double product ranges and continued constraints in the supply chain impacted earnings negatively.

“Demand for trucks in Europe remains very good, due to the positive economic situation. The trend in demand in Latin America is positive, mainly driven by the continued recovery in Brazil. In Eurasia, the trend in demand is positive, due to order books in Russia being very strong. In Asia, demand remains at a high level, mainly due to Iran,” he tells FOCUS.

For the second consecutive year, Scania’s new-generation trucks were victorious in the 1 000 Point Test − Europe’s most comprehensive comparative test for trucks. The new Scania truck was top-rated in the categories of cab, driveline and performance, fuel consumption, as well as in cost and payload.

“Scania also received the Green Truck Award again − a special comparative test which focuses on fuel consumption. Since the new truck generation was launched during autumn 2016, Scania has come out victorious in practically all comparative and individual trade press tests.

“Of course, low fuel consumption not only reduces costs, it is also connected with increased energy efficiency, lower CO2 emissions and improved sustainability,” Henriksson reveals.

The company is clearly on a roll!

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Charleen Clarke

CHARLEEN CLARKE is editorial director of FOCUS. While she is based in Johannesburg, she spends a considerable amount of time overseas, attending international transport events – largely in her capacity as associate member of the International Truck of the Year Jury.
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