Revealed: the world’s longest BRT system

Busworld South East Asia took place in Jakarta last month and it was interesting to discover that one of its exhibitors runs the longest bus rapid transit (BRT) system in the world.

The company in question, TransJakarta, boasts a BRT system measuring 251 km in length. It serves 663 000 passengers a day, who travel across 155 routes (as recently as 2015, a mere 41 routes were on offer). About 189,8-million passengers used the service of TransJakarta last year.

Back in 2015, TransJakarta operated 605 buses; that’s risen to 1 500 and should soon double to
3 000. While the number of routes and buses has changed over the years, the fare hasn’t: it has remained Rp 3 500 (about R3,56) since day one. How we wish that the same held true here.

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Charleen Clarke

CHARLEEN CLARKE is editorial director of FOCUS. While she is based in Johannesburg, she spends a considerable amount of time overseas, attending international transport events – largely in her capacity as associate member of the International Truck of the Year Jury.
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