Reducing on-road risk

Reducing on-road risk

DriveRisk can cut a transport operator’s maintenance costs by up to 12%, reduce accidents by 20% and reduce collision claims costs by as much as 80%!

DriveRisk is the leading driver behaviour management company in Africa. The company’s dedicated team believes that drivers are a transport operator’s most valuable asset on the road. Accordingly, they are committed to improving driver capabilities and behaviour in order to reduce on-road risk for fleet operators and the larger driver community.

Combining intelligent data, risk-identifying information and behaviour-changing solutions, DriveRisk enables fleet operators to establish an accountable and structured solution to proactively manage driver behaviour. The company can provide fleets with predictive analytics and effective coaching tools by using data collected from its state-of-the-art video event recorders, on-road caller reports and other telematics-based solutions.

DriveCam, powered by Lytx (which has more than 20 years as a leader in the video telematics industry), is an innovative method of creating informed, effective solutions that address today’s fleet management needs. Using cutting-edge technology and analytics DriveCam predicts and prevents unsafe driving, thus protecting drivers, reducing on-road risk and lowering operating costs. Much more than a camera monitoring device, it is a comprehensive, fully integrated driver behaviour management solution that offers unparalleled levels of risk identification and profiling. Capturing exception-based video footage eight seconds before and four seconds after an event, both inside the vehicle and the road ahead, and assessed by independent driving risk analysts, this invaluable information provides indisputable, factual and unbiased facts.

DriveCam has analysed driving behaviours of more than 100 billion km across hundreds of fleets worldwide. Proven results show that not only do its customers reduce fuel and maintenance costs by up to 12%, but there is also a 20% reduction in accidents and a reduction in collision claims costs by as much as 80%.

DriveRisk also offers a fatigue monitoring device which can be integrated with DriveCam to capture and transmit video footage of fatigue and distracted driving incidents to fleet operators. DriveAlert recognises fatigue and distracted driving by monitoring a driver’s retinas and face. Using the PERCLOS measure of alertness, it detects fatigue even before the driver closes his eyes. The unit looks like a camera, but incorporates a high-end infrared camera, microprocessor, memory modules and in-cab alarm system, instantly alerting the driver.

DriveRisk solutions can greatly improve clients’ safety programmes, saving lives and reducing costs.

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