Orders galore for all-electric MAN eTGE

Customers in Europe love the all-electric MAN eTGE! Austrian transportation and logistics company Quehenberger Logistics has recently started using three MAN eTGEs in its operations, while 11 eTGEs have been handed over to the Swiss national postal service.

Quehenberger has also been running an all-electric MAN eTGM distribution truck since the third quarter of 2018. The eTGEs will be used wherever quiet, emission-free logistics are needed (especially in situations where the company’s three-axle, 26-t MAN e-truck is too big or heavy to be used).

Christian Fürstaller, CEO and managing partner of Quehenberger Logistics, is a big fan of e-mobility and he points out that the battery-powered vans offer one other crucial advantage: “E-mobility enables us to reduce the amount of traffic at peak times, as it allows us to shift the delivery slots to overnight and early-morning periods,” he notes.

Apart from the tyre rolling noise, the electric vans really are virtually silent when on the move, which means it is possible to start deliveries very early in the morning. Quehenberger starts deliveries to customers located in Salzburg’s inner-city area as early as 04:30 – far earlier than other delivery vehicles or rush-hour traffic, and all without waking up local residents.

The charging infrastructure for all of Quehenberger’s electric commercial vehicles is located in Bergheim site, around ten minutes from Salzburg. This is where the vans and truck start their daily trips. This site features a 22 kW charging station, which combines Mennekes AMMAX high-voltage sockets for the eTGEs and a Mennekes AMTRON wallbox for the eTGM.

Meanwhile, across the border in Switzerland, 11 MAN eTGEs are busily delivering packages in Ostermundigen, Geneva and St. Gallen. These vans will prevent around 40 t of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere each year.

Due to the wide array of advantages offered by electric vehicles, which the postal service already uses for letter deliveries, it is looking to expand its use of electric vehicles into the parcel-delivery business – initially in the big cities, then later to more spread-out destinations. By 2023, Swiss Post intends to have up to 400 electric-powered vans delivering packages.

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Charleen Clarke

CHARLEEN CLARKE is editorial director of FOCUS. While she is based in Johannesburg, she spends a considerable amount of time overseas, attending international transport events – largely in her capacity as associate member of the International Truck of the Year Jury.
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