Iveco launches S-Way

The long-awaited successor to the Stralis, the S-Way, has been launched in Europe.

The new S-Way features a new cab boasting a driver-centric design. It is said to provide first-rate living and working conditions with a spacious environment, outstanding driving ergonomics, and a well-planned layout that combines functionality with comfort. The design also addresses driver safety with a reinforced structure and much-improved visibility all around and in all conditions.

The new design optimises aerodynamic performance, further increasing the vehicle’s excellent fuel efficiency by up to four percent.
Also contributing to a low total cost of ownership (TCO) are design features such as the multi-piece bumper that dramatically reduces repair costs, as only the affected part needs to be replaced in the event of damage.

The design of the new cab was guided by the needs of the driver, starting with the ideal driving position. The base of the adjustable seat was lowered in order to increase both cushion thickness and stroke range, providing all drivers with a comfortable position and optimal visibility. The steering wheel is shaped with a flat base, which is terrific for truck drivers with a so-called beer boep (beer belly, in case you don’t speak Afrikaans).

The ergonomic layout of the controls ensures all the key functions are within easy reach of the driver, making it easy to operate the vehicle comfortably and efficiently.

The multi-functional steering wheel, with 22 switches, puts all the necessary functions, including the Assisted Driving Systems, at the driver’s fingertips. This set-up eliminates distractions for drivers, who are able to operate without ever needing to move their hands from the steering wheel, increasing their safety and comfort.

Connectivity is a highlight of the new truck; the new, advanced Connectivity Box in the Iveco S-Way is said to be a powerful connectivity enabler and true game-changer. It collects, processes and exchanges data in real time. It works off a service platform developed in partnership with Microsoft that provides safe data storage and management, and many value-added services. Owners and drivers are constantly connected with the vehicle on their mobile device or PC through the user-friendly MyIVECO portal and app.

The S-Way uses connectivity to enhance the driver’s life on board, providing a superior driving experience with advanced driver-assistance and driving-style features combined with services developed to help them operate effortlessly and efficiently, accessed through the user-friendly MyIVECO EASY Way App.

The engines and transmissions are unchanged. The S-Way should come to South Africa in about 2021.

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