Advertorial – New MAN: Simply my truck

Advertorial – New MAN: Simply my truck

Following the success of the new MAN Truck generation range, MAN continues to push the barrier in bridging the engineering gap between driver expectations and the output imagined by business owners.

This customer-centric approach has led to innovative design elements in the TG range that address precisely what the market requires.

Perfect truck, perfect fit

The new MAN TG combines outstanding ergonomics, functionality, and an unmistakable design to provide the most important link in the transport chain between the driver and the possible workplace.

These components all create a truck that optimises workflow. The MAN TG makes the driver’s work easier thanks to the introduction of many innovations, such as the ergonomic cockpit, digital systems that are user-friendly (such as MAN SmartSelect with comfortable arm rest), and the comfortable sleeping area for long-haul transport. The latter comes standard in the extended cab models (a cold foam mattress and slatted frame ensure comfort for well-deserved shuteye and peaceful dreams). Ultimately, transport operators get a truck that has everything drivers need.

Comfort has to be accompanied by the full suite of safety features to ensure safe arrival of the driver, truck, and load. One of the main features is the MAN Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), which automatically controls the speed of the vehicle. If the vehicle ahead changes lanes or accelerates, the MAN ACC system accelerates automatically to maintain the desired speed.

Should the driver get to a situation where they need to overtake, the optionally available MAN Lane Change Collision Prevention Assist monitors side areas and blind spots to ensure this manoeuvre is done safely. The driver gets a warning in good time by means of visual LED modules, which are clearly visible even in sunlight.

With driving conditions being susceptible to changing weather and light conditions, the MAN TG range has light and visibility comfort systems that turn on automatically to improve safety in road traffic while drivers are able to maintain their concentration and keep their hands on the wheel. 

All of these technological enhancements ultimately have to translate to simplifying business for customers. Testament to this is the confirmation from the Truck Test 2022 – organised by FOCUS on Transport & Logistics – that MAN’s long-haul truck tractors are South Africa’s most fuel-efficient.

MAN’s developmental guidelines encompassed all the things that concern transport operators every day: maximum driving comfort, optimised vehicle and fleet availability, unbeatable support thanks to a strong partnership, and the best possible efficiency and economy, as well as excellent customer service, safety, and assistance systems tailored to today’s road conditions. MAN trucks are made with one overall goal in mind: making work easier and simplifying a business.

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