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It’s good to know that, in an environment where companies are doing all they can to reduce costs, quality is still top of mind. That’s why BPW is taking its customers from OE to PE.

For more than 120 years, BPW Bergische Achsen, based in Wiehl, near Cologne, Germany, has been known for the development and manufacture of running-gear systems and trailer axles.

Through its strength in innovation, the company has been able to achieve continuous growth and is regarded as a reliable partner and supplier of products of the highest quality worldwide.

Max Guerini, business development manager of aftermarket at BPW South Africa, says: “BPW sees transport and logistics as a whole. By positioning itself as a systems partner to vehicle manufacturers and mobility partner to transporters, BPW’s goal is to make transport and logistics processes more efficient, safer and more predictable for its customers in the long term.”

This imperative led to the purchase of PE Automotive in 2016. PE Automotive was founded in 1947 and is a leading supplier of aftermarket truck, bus and trailer parts in Europe. “When comparing our business to the human body, we consider the solutions we offer with running-gear systems to be the backbone of the business.

PE Automotive spare parts further positions BPW as a mobility partner to transporters.

“The problem is that a backbone is only a bone without limbs, and this is where the aftermarket parts come in. By bringing in PE Automotive, we hope to provide a one-stop shop for our customers, thereby solidifying our position as a mobility partner to transporters,” says Guerini.

Guerini explains how commoditisation of the industry in recent years resulted in some transporters making purchases based solely on price. He says: “Price isn’t everything, and companies with that approach may not be here for long.

“Our PE aftermarket parts are not the cheapest, but they meet all the local and international criteria for compliance. In addition, all PE parts, through their branding, are traceable and are covered by strong warranties, as well as liability insurance. Support is provided by the strong BPW Axles aftermarket distribution network,” Guerini continues.

Guerini explains that while BPW remains an advocate of original parts, there are instances where aftermarket parts make sense. Some customers may choose to use aftermarket parts once the original warranty on the vehicle has expired. At other times, the customer just doesn’t have the money, or doesn’t see the truck outlasting whatever part is being replaced.

“Sometimes the operating environment where equipment is used may be extremely demanding, leading to the premature failure of parts no matter the origin. One such example can be found on coal mines where gravel and debris gets kicked up and damages the air bags found on air suspension,” says Guerini.

“Everything we do at BPW is about satisfying the needs of our customers. Now that we are able to offer quality PE-branded spare parts as a valid alternative, we are advising transporters to “stay blue”. After all, PE spare parts are offered with a two-year warranty for trucks and a
one-year warranty for trailers, thereby making the transporter’s transition from OE to PE a trusted one,” concludes Guerini.

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