Lubrication solutions slash gearbox power consumption

Lubrication solutions slash gearbox power consumption

Industrial customers can reduce gearbox power consumption dramatically and thereby slash costs and reduce downtime by using lubrication solutions from Rocol, distributed locally by leading supplier Bearings International (BI).

Lubrication experts from Rocol can even be called upon to assess a particular customer’s requirements and applications in order to recommend an optimal solution. These range from gearboxes to bearings, chains, compressor and hydraulic oils, anti-seize and corrosion lubricants, industrial cleaners and multi-purpose maintenance, wire rope, specialist maintenance and oxygen system lubricants.

“Our long-standing distribution agreement with Rocol means we can virtually cover every type of lubrication requirement in any industry and application,” BI marketing manager Victor Strobel comments. This is aided by BI’s extensive national branch network for rapid rollout and fast response times in diverse locations.

In addition to the Rocol lubricant range itself, BI is also able to supply complete solution packages consisting of belting, bearings and seals as a value-added service to assist its customers in reducing their total cost of ownership. Industrial sectors covered range from food-and-beverage to mining and automotive sectors.

The food-and-beverage, pharmaceutical and other clean environments, for example, require NSF H1-grade lubricants for hygiene and health and safety purposes. Here, Rocol Rapid Demulse 220 from leading suppliers is ideal for such demanding applications.

This is a non-toxic, high-performance gearbox lubricant designed especially for applications where water ingress is an issue. It splits rapidly from water, which can be drained from the gearbox periodically, allowing the oil to continue lubricating.

Service life between oil changes is thus extended rapidly, as conventional oils tend to emulsify into a creamy, frothy mix that does not lubricate effectively. Such premature oil changes escalate costs and increase downtime.

Rocol Rapid Demulse 220 has good wear-protection properties to boot. It can be used in a wide temperature range from -5°C to 130°C and is NSF H1 registered for use where incidental contact with foodstuffs may occur, as well as ISO 21469 certified.

The challenge of water ingress into gearboxes is a problem that many plants and industries have to contend with, and BI is able to provide an ideal solution in terms of its Rocol product range. “In terms of the food-and-beverage industry especially, increasingly stringent requirements are focusing on food-safe lubricants with regard to cross-contamination regulations,” Strobel says.

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