Intelligent data to change driver behaviour

DriveRisk is the industry leader in driver behaviour management. The company uses the very latest technology and harnesses top data trends to allow our customers to focus on their drivers as their most important asset. Fleet owners can directly and significantly reduce road risk by improving driver behaviour and safety, thereby reducing overall costs.

Driver aptitude and behaviour remains the starting point for any driver change-management process. DriveRisk continuously works alongside drivers, trainers and coaches to facilitate positive driving skills and perform product and system training to ensure users are equipped with the necessary information in order to receive measurable results from the Lytx DriveCamTM program.

The use of big data trends to change driver behaviour has become increasingly important. DriveRisk has the necessary platforms to allow data to be captured, made easy to understand and turned into actionable tasks to improve driver behaviour.

The collection of this useful data, through the various technology components, allows for an accurate and unbiased method of measuring driver performance, and then using this information to put safer drivers on the road. Predictive analytics, combined with expert video reviews, highlight the root causes of poor driving behaviour and prioritise immediate actions to rank your drivers by region, site or industry.

DriveRisk offers a solution that is more than just an in-cab continuous recording camera device. Instead, the DriveCam event recorders are used to mitigate risk by utilising force-based triggered recordings associated with certain unsafe driving behaviours. Short video clips are generated only when vehicle sensitivity parameters are exceeded – such as harsh braking, harsh accelerating, uneven road surfaces, or harsh cornering.

The camera displays a light sequence when activated and instantly provides a driver with real-time in-cab feedback. The driver then immediately becomes aware that his behaviour has triggered an event and, with this, the first step in behaviour change management has taken place.

DriveCam’s online portal provides a variety of customisable dashboards, which enable fleet operators to drill down into specific driver behaviours or group performances. The use of predictive analytics proactively identifies the riskiest behaviours and identifies those drivers with the highest probability of being involved in a collision.

The high-quality data is analysed by professional industry-specific teams that provide information for coaches to mitigate an organisation’s most critical on-road risks  – such as distracted driving –  while identifying and prioritising the root causes of driver behaviours. This provides accurate, unbiased and independent driver performance reviews, which are supported by program insights and proven coaching methods to protect both drivers and the bottom line.

Telematics data has historically been used purely as a tool for determining vehicle or asset performance. However, with DriveRisk data can be compared to global industry standards by benchmarking and utilising best practices specific to a client’s operation and industry type.

The Lytx DriveCamTM program, along with other DriveRisk solutions – such as Drive Alert for Driver Fatigue Management – creates a culture of safety and manages fleet risk in an intelligent, integrated way.

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