G’Day Australia! eCanter launched Down Under

G’Day Australia! eCanter launched Down Under

Fuso has launched Daimler Trucks’ first series-produced e-Truck in Australia. A launch event was held in Melbourne recently to showcase the pioneering eCanter light-duty vehicle. With this rollout, the eCanter will soon be operating in customer hands in a fourth major region, following Japan, Europe and the USA.

The eCanter for Australia is shipped from European production in Tramagal, Portugal, and comes with the same standard specifications as the models currently available in Japan and Europe. In order to support safe driving in city environments, the vehicle is installed with safety features such as the Advanced Emergency Braking System, the Lane Departure Warning System, as well as the Electronic Stability Program. Before the launch, the e-Truck was tested rigorously in a six-month local trial, during which it was operated with a maximum load.

The first batch of deliveries to Australian customers is expected to take place within the next few months, heralding a new age of electric mobility in Australian cities. Customers scheduled to receive the eCanter will be supported by selected Fuso dealers, where they can also be advised on optimal charging infrastructure and charging patterns.

In February 2021, the national government opened the first round of its Future Fuels Fund, budgeting AUD 16,5 million (about R183 million) to support battery electric vehicle fast-charging infrastructure projects.

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