Fisker Orbit testing to start (we think)

So, first deliveries of the incredible Fisker Orbit shuttle, developed for smart cities, campuses and airports, were meant to commence in August 2019. However, we’re now being told that testing of this electric, connected and autonomous shuttle will commence then. It will seat between eight and 12 people, with standing and sitting room, and it will be hailed via an app.

The Orbit looks quite a lot like the Mercedes-Benz Urbanetic, which we first saw at the IAA last year. The Urbanetic is still a concept vehicle, although it did hit the streets of Vegas in January this year. This is something we have yet to see with the Orbit.

The Orbit is the result of an alliance between Fisker and Hakim Unique Group, one of China’s top 500 private enterprises and a leader in global smart city expertise, infrastructure and investments. Fisker has been responsible for technology development and product design, while the Hakim Unique Group is responsible for marketing and operations in China/Asia.

Technical details pertaining to the Orbit are sketchy at best. However, the founder of the company, Henrik Fisker, recently told Business Insider that the shuttle will travel over predetermined routes in controlled environments (aka corporate campuses and airports).

While passengers will be able to stop the Orbit to board or exit the vehicle, they won’t be able to make it travel outside its route. Apparently Fisker already has customers for the Orbit, although these so-called “very large tech companies” have yet to be named.

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