Fesarta membership: join during Transport Month and save!

By Mike Fitzmaurice, Executive Director of Fesarta

The Federation of East and Southern African Road Transport Associations (Fesarta) is offering transporters, associations, logistics companies, freight forwarders, importers or exporters, corporates and government stakeholders – in fact, any organisation affiliated to the transport industry – the opportunity to join Fesarta in light of the upcoming Transport Month in October.

Fesarta offers a wide range of services for all transporters, more specifically cross-border operators and transport-related industries, the details of which can be viewed in Fesarta’s brochure under Value of Membership, and which is downloadable from the Fesarta website (www.fesarta.com) on the home page.

We have two categories of membership:

  • Corporate membership is designed for large companies such as truck manufacturers and distributors, logistics companies and government stakeholders;
  • Transporters/Associations membership is for transport operators, transport associations, freight forwarders, importers or exporters who deal with day-to-day issues involving the transportation of cargoes across borders.

Fesarta’s membership application form (which includes the cost of the two membership categories per annum), as well as a Service Level Agreement (SLA), which will need to be completed should you decide to take up our special offer, are both available and downloadable from the home page at www.fesarta.com.

The offer of a 50-percent discount on membership fees – which equates to R12 000 for corporate membership and R9 000 for transporters and associations – is effective from today and closes on September 30, 2019, meaning that we must receive your completed membership application form and payment by no later than that date.

The SLA can be completed after receipt of your completed application and payment of fees, since the document is adaptable to your service requirements. The SLA template is typically designed for a transporter, but is not cast in concrete. Here we refer to section 5.1 Scope of Services, which will be customised, within reason, to suit the client’s specific requirements. Section 5.2 – Complementary Services – is standard for all agreements, as is the rest of the document.

All services detailed under Section 5.1 will be supported by a team of competent transport consultants who will be on call to attend to your enquiries. This is covered under Section 6, Service Management and more specifically under Sections 6.1, Service Availability and 6.2, Service Requests.

Should you require any additional information about Fesarta, you can view our website atwww.fesarta.com or contact us directly via email.

Should you wish to speak to a consultant on a one-to-one basis, our contact details can be viewed below. Consultants available to serve you include: myself (Mike Fitzmaurice, executive director); Kelly John Barnett, chief operations officer/director; and Roy Darren Smith, operations manager.

We also have two other competent members of our team, who work behind the scenes and support our efforts on the ground, namely Harold John Reed, chairman, and Leon Swanepoel, training officer.

We look forward to hearing from and welcome you to the Fesarta family.

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