Essential telematics solutions for SMEs

Essential telematics solutions for SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play an essential role in today’s national and global economies. Their importance when it comes to the contribution to the GDP and employment cannot be understated and they can gain substantial benefits from the use of telematics. Enter MiX Essential Solutions…

Many SMEs own and operate vehicle fleets as part of their business – examples include builders, delivery services, landscaping, plumbing, and electrical companies. Because transportation for these companies is incidental and not their core competency, business owners don’t often think about optimising their fleets. But the fact is, SMEs can gain a competitive advantage by utilising telematics technology.

As a leading global Software as a service (SaaS) provider of connected fleet management solutions, MiX Telematics has introduced an affordable asset tracking and driver management solution – designed specifically for SMEs – called MiX Essential Solutions. This intuitive suite of solutions caters to smaller fleets with varying assets, from cars, bakkies, and trailers to motorbikes and even generators. No matter the size of a company’s fleet, the type of vehicles or assets it owns, or the industry in which it operates, MiX has the expertise to solve customers’ unique problems and upgrade their fleet operations using state-of-the-art data collection methods and intelligent reporting.

The commercial fleet solutions from MiX are built around a web-based software platform and mobile applications, supported by in-vehicle hardware and peripheral accessories. On-demand software services enhance vehicle performance and improve driver safety, fleet security, efficiency, sustainability, and compliance.

At the core of the suite of solutions is the MiX Fleet Manager Essential online platform, comprising a sophisticated onboard computer which collects and transmits valuable vehicle and driver data. Driving events such as harsh braking, speeding, excessive idling, over-revving, harsh cornering, and impact events are recorded, giving fleet owners insight into data regarding where a vehicle is, how a driver is operating that vehicle, and how much it has been utilised.

The MiX Vision AI Standalone Dashcam provides camera footage with basic telematics data.

If a business needs to visually monitor drivers, the MiX Vision AI Standalone Dashcam solution provides camera footage, with basic telematics data accessible via the online platform without the need to install additional hardware. The AI-powered dashcam is enabled with Advanced Driving Assistance (ADAS), giving the driver real-time coaching feedback on the trip, as well as the ability to review their performance after the trip. The in-cab and road-facing cameras help prevent collisions, alert drivers to risky driving behaviour, and save on insurance costs from wrongful claims against drivers, thanks to the power of video footage available of any incidents.

“The light fleet solution provides the perfect balance of functionality and usability ideal for small businesses who may not have a full-time fleet manager and require multiple employees to utilise the online platform,’’ says MiX Telematics Africa fleet sales director, Henry Smith.

‘’Users can view live tracking, various dashboards, and reports including vehicle utilisation, driver scoring, fuel usage, and cost analysis breakdowns via the web and mobile app,” he continues. “This easy-to-understand telematics data provides actionable intelligence for informed decision-making, saving time and money.”

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