Digitised vehicle telematics solutions to the fore 

Digitised vehicle telematics solutions to the fore 

With constant technological advancement in most industries, it’s no surprise that digitisation has become central to efficient fleet management.

From safety to sustainability, having digital systems in place not only provides far more reliable and accurate data analysis than manual systems and data, but is also more accessible thanks to user friendly reporting tools that remove the need to trawl through mounds of records. With the digitisation of fleet management data, operators are better equipped to tackle risk management, fleet efficiency, operational budgets, compliance, and more.

Digitised solutions in vehicle telematics are designed to streamline fleet management protocols, thereby improving safety, compliance, efficiency, security, and sustainability. The MiX Fleet Manager Premium online platform, for example, comprises a sophisticated onboard computer that collects and transmits valuable vehicle and driver data.

Driver behaviour and driving hours, fleet locations, engine diagnostics, and routes are tracked and monitored to improve business productivity and efficiency. The solution also tracks a range of connected metrics in real-time, improving asset utilisation while reducing operating expenses. This pre-emptive information gives site managers full visibility over all areas of their operations, equipping them with the data to continuously improve efficiency and performance.

For an added layer of security, the MiX Fleet Manager can be paired with MiX Vision AI, an AI-powered in-cab and road-facing camera enabled with an advanced driving assistance system (ADAS). Drivers get real-time coaching feedback based on event triggers configured on risky driving behaviour such as speeding and forward collision warnings. This helps to improve driving behaviour and mitigate accident risk. The video footage provides visual insight and data regarding where a vehicle is and how it is being driven, as well as providing visual evidence of driving incidents. This can help to prevent wrongful claims against drivers, curbing high insurance premiums.

The platform also includes the MiX Journey Management route management module, which allows fleet operators to gather a variety of data points that help to determine route efficiency and where improvements can be made for faster delivery. Safety regulations additionally require that commercial drivers log their hours spent on the road, or hours of service (HOS), to ensure compliance with the HOS rule. The MiX Hours of Service module manages the number of consecutive hours a driver can spend on the road to provide appropriate rest times and reduce driving fatigue.

“For more than 26 years, our SaaS-enabled software and technology have been trusted by our customers with varying needs across different industries to provide actionable intelligence for informed decision making,” says Henry Smith, MiX Telematics Africa fleet sales director.

From the integration of AI-powered technology in video telematics to remote fleet management and more, digitisation is one of the top telematics trends that has gained momentum in 2023. Digitisation is crucial to modern fleet management and will remain at the forefront of future vehicle telematics solutions. Even with the current race to become more automated than ever before, digitisation has already led to the development of several telematics tools that have become the gold standard in fleet management. “With the advancement of Big Data, 5G, autonomous vehicles, and more, we are witnessing the future of fleet management before our very eyes,” elaborates Smith.

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