Ctrack offers the ultimate smart fleet management solutions

Ctrack offers the ultimate smart fleet management solutions

As South Africa’s leading fleet management and telematics provider, Ctrack prides itself on being able to offer bespoke solutions for a wide variety of businesses and their unique needs. The company’s smart integrations facilitate a range of user-defined fleet management solutions.

With nearly 40 years of research and development expertise, Ctrack is able to provide the ultimate in customisation and the “Power to Predict”. This is possible thanks to Ctrack’s unique smart solutions.

“Our smart integrations allow us to offer tailor-made solutions to a wide variety of industries in a simple manner. We know that no two businesses are alike, and you might have challenges that can’t be solved with an off-the-shelf solution. This is where Ctrack’s Smart Integration comes in,” says Hein Jordt, chief executive officer of Ctrack Africa.

With telematics data, fleet managers can monitor trends such as speed, harsh braking, and rapid accelerations, enabling them to take corrective action efficiently. Ctrack’s Crystal platform also offers advanced driver performance analytics for route optimisation. By leveraging Crystal’s insights and training programs, businesses can effectively enhance safety and reduce incidents with the aim of running a safe and efficient fleet.

Ctrack puts fleet managers in the vehicle with live feeds of a stationary asset or a cabin view for a vehicle on the move. This allows managers to know what is really happening and act swiftly and decisively when necessary, all from the palm of their hand.

Ctrack’s cutting-edge camera technology reduces risk, improves efficiency, and helps drivers avoid incidents at all costs. Iris technology leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically detect incidents such as drowsiness, talking on a cellphone, and a variety of other infringements, without fleet managers having to sift through hours and hours of data. In the event of an incident, this camera technology is able to provide a much clearer picture of what really happened, which can be crucial for driver management.

Ctrack’s SMILE script takes customisation a step further, enabling fleet managers to set up alerts pertaining to a wide range of unique criteria based on real-time data and location. This means, for example, that fleet managers can be alerted to speeding in a particular zone at a particular time or under a specific set of conditions. Alerts can be configured using a combination of up to 32 conditions in one rule. Other examples include limiting truck speed on gravel roads or restricting cargo loading and unloading to specific locations. 

Managers can also integrate tyre pressure monitoring and real-time onboard weighing in advance, and proactively enforce hazard detection and avoidance. Triggering alerts can further be linked to automated actions such as a specific report or the initiation of predetermined actions when certain conditions are met or exceeded.

Fuel accounts for 40 to 60% of fleet costs. Crystal allows fleet managers to calculate and manage true fuel usage accurately and consistently. The functionality includes live and accurate fuel levels and the rate of consumption per asset or across the fleet, allowing fleet managers to make data-based decisions that will improve efficiency and have a tangible impact on their bottom line.

Advanced telematics and data collection are the perfect tools to assist in maintaining compliance with regulations. Crystal can monitor, track, and alert fleet managers to any unexpected changes in safety critical equipment, allowing fleets to remain compliant with minimal stress. Mandatory pre-trip inspections included in the driver app enable fleet managers to stay on top of repairs and schedule maintenance effectively to minimise downtime.

Ctrack’s SOS panic button helps drivers to operate in any location safe in the knowledge that help is always on standby. This functionality, in conjunction with live vehicle tracking, allows appropriate action to be taken to ensure employee safety on the road, no matter where they are.

“With so many moving parts to your daily operations, it is empowering to know that Crystal gives you the peace of mind to focus on running your unique business in the easiest, most efficient way possible,” Jordt emphasises.

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