Compact tracking for anything from heavy machinery to hand-held packages

Tracking devices are as valuable as ever as they become more suited to keeping tabs on a variety of assets. Ctrack’s new range of wireless, ultra-compact GPS devices is one example.

Due to their easily concealable, rugged and wireless design, the BX500 and BX600 can be employed to track anything from trucks, trailers and containers to individual parcels.

The BX models have enough memory to record 25 000 trips and can be remotely configured and updated. Using a single micro-SIM, they can be configured to roam across multiple 2G, 3G or 4G networks in South Africa.

Featuring adaptive tracking, these devices make use of accelerometers as well as data from GPS transmitters to intelligently detect movements and send live updates. The BX600 model is equipped to detect tampering, making it ideal for high-value cargo applications.

Either model can be scaled to provide continuous tracking information or a daily update in order to preserve internal battery life.

The BX500 model is powered by removable lithium batteries, which can last up to four years when providing a single, daily tracking update. The BX600 features an internal battery pack that can be recharged using the provided micro-USB cable and compact charger.

Several BX600 units were used to monitor the progress of the recent Sasol Solar Car Challenge, with great success. Each device recorded an average of 96 hours of driving time, having been charged once before the event commenced.

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