Client satisfaction central to Ctrack support

Client satisfaction central to Ctrack support

Because Ctrack’s Central Support Centre is split into smaller departments, clients benefit from the best possible services in the company’s Bureau, Fleet and Technical Support divisions.

Ctrack’s Bureau Service involves the full outsourcing of fleet control-room activities, backed by highly proficient hindsight, insight and foresight data analytics and reporting.

Dedicated fleet controllers meticulously monitor vehicle movements, incidents, alerts and alarms from the company’s 24/7 Central Support Centre and provide real-time support to optimise fleet operations.

The highly experienced fleet consultants interrogate and interpret vehicle data to provide the insights and actions needed for future cost reductions and operational improvements. By outsourcing these tasks, customers save on cost and are able to focus on their core business.

Bureau agents are skilled in investigating and interpreting alarms or a combination of alarms in order to act swiftly. And they are able to distinguish between primary and secondary alarms for enhanced client safety. Regular training ensures clients receive the best possible service and response times. Ctrack’s agents respond appropriately to recovery activations or medical emergencies. Strict security measures are also in place. Ctrack does not give out personal information to anyone, and clients’ movements and personal information are always secured.

Furthermore, Ctrack employees are subject to regular security screening to ensure that clients’ assets and personal safety are never compromised. Ctrack’s agents are also subject to daily, weekly and monthly quality checks.

Ctrack has mastered the art of reducing risks, through accurate alarm monitoring and quick recovery response, nationally and across borders. There is always direct and continuous feedback between Ctrack agents, recovery teams and clients.

The bureau service can be adapted to suit the operational needs of each client and is supported by a thorough service level agreement.

Ctrack Fleet

Ctrack Fleet includes 24/7/365 fleet monitoring, emergency response and the provision of panic and tamper alarms. We monitor driver behaviour and fuel consumption and optimise travel routes. Ctrack also provides vehicle immobilisation, stolen vehicle services and bodyguard/vehicle escorting duties.

Ctrack Fleet is designed to ensure continued uptime, client support and assistance while taking full advantage of the Ctrack Fleet Management solution.
Ctrack Fleet provides weekly reports indicating vehicles that are active, non-active or due for repairs. Weekly contact is made with clients’ control rooms to confirm necessary installations, maintenance and repairs. The nearest Ctrack branch is then contacted to ensure bookings are assigned and completed where applicable.

With dedicated fleet controllers for entire fleets, Ctrack performs daily health checks and incorporates fleet management software and rich fleet analytics in Ctrack Fleet.

Ctrack Technical Support

Ctrack Technical Support consists of dedicated staff who are responsible for vehicle and driver setups and the creation of vehicle profiles and business groups. This team creates cost centres, performs unit testing, schedules reports and sets up and manages message forwarding.

In addition, Ctrack Technical Support provides software usernames and passwords, handles technical and software queries, sets up points of interest, geozones, waypoints and no-go areas with appropriate alarms.

By using the best software available, combined with a fall-back system in case of GPS signal jamming, Ctrack is able to give total peace of mind. Since the company actively monitors rollover and severe G-forces, its agents are able to determine when an accident occurs before dispatching emergency services, should the client be unable to do so.

And because Ctrack has 24/7/365 access to EVAC24, clients can rest assured that all it takes is a phone call to dispatch the closest ambulance and have their employee taken to the most appropriate hospital for treatment.

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