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Vehicle tracking systems are a dime a dozen, but what if there is a need to track other assets such as containers, trailers, skip bins or houseboats? DataDot offers the Oyster, a cellular tracking device that is designed to withstand some pretty harsh conditions…

The Oyster tracking device is compact (it weighs just 250 g), rugged, UV stable and immune to extreme weather conditions. It is claimed to operate optimally in temperatures between -20°C and 60°C.

Battery life is claimed at four years thanks to an ultra-low power mode. As it uses everyday AA 1,5 V Lithium batteries, replacement cost is low, too.

The Oyster features “locate and track” modes, a “low battery” alert, “unauthorised movement” alert and an integrated three-axis accelerometer. The latter allows the Oyster to go to sleep, but wake up when movement occurs. As many as 20 000 records can be stored in the Oyster’s memory.

Users can monitor their device via the Telematics Guru software platform – a fully featured, customisable front-end telematics and tracking software system. This boasts a unique “asset timeline” feature that allows events, alerts and activities to be recorded and displayed for an immediate visual overview of an asset’s activities.

Users can easily switch from “locate” to “tracking” mode, and there are a variety of alerts available (through the alert wizard) to suit all requirements. A more comprehensive DataDot Portal is also available for download.

The Oyster can be purchased directly from DataDot Technology SA for R1 250 (excluding VAT) and comes fully set up and operational, with a micro SIM and batteries already installed.

There is a monthly subscription fee of R99 (excluding VAT), which runs for a 24-month period and allows owners to access the DataDot portal required to manage their assets.

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