A light construction truck that’s no lightweight

The Iveco Stralis X-WAY is a light construction truck that offers best-in-class payload. JARLATH SWEENEY, from Fleet Magazine, tests it

For operators of multi-axle trucks, especially eight-wheelers, it’s all about payload – particularly if running concrete mixers. When Iveco launched the Stralis X-Way, it raised the stakes in terms of providing a lightweight, durable, off-road application with the highest payload.

Designed for on-road applications and light off-road deliveries, the X-Way offers the best of both elements within the Iveco truck family; combining the renowned Trakker chassis strength with all the fuel-saving and safety features of the current Stralis, while at the same time offering high levels of performance and comfort.

Stewart Webster, MD of Iveco United Kingdom and Ireland, commented at the time of the launch last year: “With the X-Way, our customers can have the confidence to tackle the uneven and sometimes challenging terrain encountered during the ‘last mile’ when delivering to construction sites. High productivity, safety and excellent total cost of ownership (TCO) for light off-road missions: this is what our customers can expect from this additional truck range.”

The Stralis X-Way pushes the boundaries when it comes to its exceptionally low kerb weight. This, combined with the sturdy chassis, gives it the best payload capacity in its market category. The Super Loader (SL) version on an 8×4 chassis offers a kerb weight as low as nine tonnes – the lowest in the industry.

A broad line-up of the latest Euro 6c Cursor diesel engines from Iveco’s sister company, FPT
Industrial, are available with displacements of nine, 11 and 13 litres.

All feature the award-winning Hi-SCR engine technology (meaning no exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and no parked regeneration). Exhaust emissions are dramatically cut and fuel efficiency is increased, while lowering maintenance costs.

It is particularly well suited to construction logistics operations where the absence of EGR (which lowers power density) also brings benefits in terms of payload, as it makes the vehicle lighter.

The versatility and flexibility of the Stralis X-Way is highlighted with a choice of tractor-unit and multi-axle rigid versions, different suspensions and vehicle set-ups, Hi-Traction hydrostatic drive, a wide range of gearbox PTOs, and on- and off-road homologations.

Then there are the cab variations, such as the AD (Active Day) short cab with low roof, AT (Active Time) sleeper cab with low or medium roof, and the AS (Active Space) sleeper cab, which is designed around the driver for the long-haul work.

The Stralis X-Way models also benefit from some of Iveco’s most advanced features, including the latest 12-speed Hi-Tronix automated transmission from ZF and the new HI-MUX electrical system, which offers improved reliability and increased data management.

Other latest-generation technologies on board the Stralis X-Way include Iveco’s HI-Cruise integrated drive system, which uses GPS to enable predictive cruise control and gear-shifting for the most effective fuel saving.

The Stralis X-Way’s modular construction allows vehicles to be specified to meet customer needs, be this for on- or off-road applications. This means operators can choose between three homologation setups: ON, ON+ and OFF, with all models benefiting from a new front and rear suspension, new rear axles, and disc brakes all round for enhanced stopping power and lower maintenance costs.

The ON+ version offers on-road homologation, but with higher approach angles and ground clearance, plus improved bumper protection. This makes it perfect for duties such as moving loads to and from farms and quarries, as well as travelling long distances by road.

In the company of Marc Hanks, press test and demo fleet manager, Iveco Ltd, we spent some time behind the wheel of the Stralis X-Way AD340X40Z on Super Loader with Day Cab. It was the 8×4 400 hp (298 kW) version of the 8,7-litre Cursor 9 diesel (1 700 Nm at
1 200 r/min).

Although the barrel of the Wilcox/Cifa concrete mixer was empty, the powertrain moved along with zest, but without any discomfort. Indeed, the 12-speed automated ZF Hi-Tronic transmission was impressively smooth in operation.

Roominess in the day cab was adequate for this type of application and all-round visibility was good – from the twin exterior mirrors on each side to the glazed areas front and back.

On the chosen route, which began at the Goodwood Estate in Sussex, southern England, manoeuvrability proved more than sufficient along the A road and getting around tight corners when driving through the old-style towns and villages in the region.

The route consisted of typical terrain for this type of vehicle – delivering to sites on open roads and narrow country lanes. We didn’t get much chance to experience the cruise-control system, but the lane-detection warning did alert when careering across the white line!

Front and rear disc brakes helped to come to a permanent stop, but most of the time acceleration control was maintained by the two-stage engine brake. Hill Stop ensured that the vehicle did not stray the other way while stationary.

The retractable touchscreen pad on the centre console provides all the infotainment data required together with access to the audio and Bluetooth connections. Two USB plugs are provided, but they are not in the best positions – one at the tachograph and the other up high in one of the roof-line cubbies. Both are awkwardly placed and not to hand.

Iveco’s specific mission-orientated approach must be appreciated, not only is the X-Way range suited to mixer, trailer and tipper work, it can used as a skip loader/hook-lifter, crane/platform, or for timber carriage and waste-water management. It’s well worth a look.

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