Ecopia H002 helps fleets lower TCO

Bridgestone, the world’s largest tyre and rubber company, has announced the launch of its latest generation of fuel-efficient Ecopia tyres. Applying an innovative pattern concept and newly developed compound technology, the new Ecopia H002 tyres enable long-haul fleets to reduce their total cost of ownership through best-in-class fuel efficiency – with no compromise on mileage.

They also achieve outstanding wet-weather performance and offer year-round convenience through full compliance with European winter legislations.

Best in class

As it accounts for 30 percent of all expenses, fuel is by far the biggest operating cost for long-haul fleets.

Today the industry is also faced with increasingly challenging CO2 emission regulations and recurrent concerns for road safety, especially in bad weather conditions. Ecopia tyres have been designed to answer these everyday challenges.

By using new Ecopia tyres on steer, drive and trailer axles, an average long-haul fleet would save more than R36 000 per vehicle, per year, on fuel costs and reduce CO2 emissions. Ecopia H002 tyres have also been certified by TÜV SÜD Tyre Test Mark for quality and safety. This achievement applies to each individual tyre: steer, drive and trailer.

The new Ecopia range is Bridgestone’s latest initiative to maximise fuel efficiency for its fleet customers. Combined with the fuel-smart retread line FuelTech; the tyre monitoring system, Tirematics; and the comprehensive tyre management service for commercial fleets, Total Tyre Care, Ecopia H002 can provide customers with peace of mind while reducing operational costs. 

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