Rentals – a real alternative in challenging times?

Rentals – a real alternative in challenging times? April 20, 2021 The current times are certainly challenging (as I mentioned in my article in the February issue) and the future is unpredictable. I think it is fair to say that a business climate like this is not ideal for expanding operations or for launching new brave growth initiatives. Most people would most likely prefer to cut costs and protect the cash flow to ride out the storm rather than to […]

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COVID-19: all doom and gloom?

COVID-19: all doom and gloom? February 22, 2021 The unprecedented pandemic is still very much upon us. Societies, industries and businesses across the globe are on their knees while the cloud of uncertainty is hovering above us all, threatening to cause yet another terrible storm. Needless to say, the business climate is far from perfect at the moment, as macroeconomic indicators are at the lowest level in a long time and investor confidence is cautious or modest at best. Is […]

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