On with the show!

On with the show!

In typical Nampo fashion, this year’s rendition of the exhibition didn’t disappoint visitors, with the automotive industry turning up en masse.

Nampo 2024, the 56th presentation of the Harvest Day, took place in the Free State from 14 to 17 May. The theme this year was “Agriculture in a Digital Age”: as is the case in so many industries, connectivity is driving efficiency, sustainability, and prosperity in farming practices.

In a landscape where connectivity is becoming an ever-present reality, South African farmers are leveraging digital solutions to overcome traditional challenges and drive operations forward. From remote rural communities to the traditional farming districts, the adoption of digital technologies is revolutionising agricultural practices, making them more resilient and adaptive to the evolving demands of the market and the environment.

“Nampo plays an important role in connecting the agricultural sector by offering producers a one-stop environment to interact and do business with small and large businesses and relevant role players. The South African agricultural community realise that staying connected is not just a luxury, but a necessity for growth in today’s competitive agri-landscape,” commented Dirk Strydom, Grain SA’s head of Nampo, marketing, and research development.

“Nampo is the trade show that offers producers a platform to access information and interact with services and products on offer related to production, machinery, food-processing, inputs, precision agriculture, and financial solutions,” Strydom added.

This year saw an endless stream of visitors flooding through the gates; on the first day alone, a total of 16,000 people attended the fair. Engen once again partnered with Grain SA as an event sponsor – a partnership that according to Drikus Kotze, Engen’s head of commercial fuels, stretches back over 40 years. “Our participation at Nampo underscores our dedication to the agricultural sector. We are committed to providing superior petroleum products and lubricants tailored to operate under severe African weather conditions,” said Kotze.

Given the importance of the agricultural sector to commercial vehicle manufacturers, virtually all the leading vehicle suppliers exhibited at the show, and the medium, heavy, and extra-heavy truck suppliers (read all about their stands over the next couple of pages) were joined by bakkie and car suppliers.

For instance, GWM displayed a number of new products, including the GWM P500 bakkie, Tank 500, and Jolion SUV. “Nampo is among the biggest and greatest expos in South Africa, so it is also a crucial show for any car brand. That is why Nampo is the ideal platform for us to unveil our all-new GWM P500 double cab bakkie, as well as the new Tank 500 and the new Jolion,” GWM South Africa chief operations officer Conrad Groenewald explained.

The all-new P500 bakkie turned many farmers’ heads. “We are beyond excited to show our new four-wheel-drive double cab P-Series bakkie to the farmers,” GWM South Africa P-Series and Tank brand manager Pumza Kondlo enthused. “They can look forward to the choice of turbodiesel or petrol hybrid power, and a few features like they have never seen before!”

Stellantis also had a substantial stand at Nampo, exhibiting products from Fiat, Citroën, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Peugeot, and Opel. “This year, Nampo resonates with Stellantis as it drives innovation in the agriculture sector,” said Mike Whitfield, managing director of Stellantis South Africa. “Our own products feature the latest technologies and our range answers a variety of agricultural needs, whether on the farm, within distribution, for maintenance crews, elsewhere in the extensive value chain, or simply for leisure.”

The most relevant product (to farmers) on this stand was probably the Peugeot Landtrek double cab bakkie. It marks the return of the Peugeot brand to the pick-up market by offering a double cab diesel version with five seats and a multitude of accessories to meet the needs of both professional and family activities… not to mention the most spacious loadbox on the market!

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