Metallica makes musical magic: Nothing Else Matters

Metallica makes musical magic: Nothing Else Matters

I love my job. One of many reasons why is the opportunity to enjoy new experiences. Recently, that new experience involved being surrounded by men with black nail varnish.

I’ve done all sorts of bonkers things in my time as a journalist. Being in a helicopter when the pilot deliberately cut the engine and we tumbled out of the sky was possibly the scariest (and the most idiotic).

I’ve also had an almost illegal amount of fun – and a recent trip is right at the top of that list. Incredibly, I was invited by Iveco to go and see Metallica, live in Milan!

Now I know precisely what you’re thinking: do I actually like Metallica? And why would Iveco invite me to see the heavy metal band? Well, in response to the first question, I need to confess that I’m not a huge heavy metal fan. But I have a very open mind, and I’m always willing to try new stuff (which often gets me into big trouble). I’m a big fan of talent too – and the chaps are clearly rather talented, otherwise they wouldn’t have won eight Grammy awards and earned recognition as one of the most influential and iconic heavy metal bands in history. Plus, I love “Nothing Else Matters” (who doesn’t?) and I hoped that they would perform that utterly wonderful song (they did).

Now, onto the Iveco link. Last year, the company announced it would partner with Metallica by supporting the band during the European leg of its M72 World Tour. Iveco electric and natural gas trucks and minibuses are joining the Metallica caravan, transporting the band and their equipment to their concert locations in Munich, Milan, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Warsaw, and Madrid. 

“The launch of Iveco’s 2024 full range is a unique milestone in our history that opens an exciting chapter powered by our new energy. There could be no better time to announce a truly electrifying partnership. We are very happy to go ‘down the highway’ with this amazing band and crew onboard our alternative propulsion vehicles, driven by our shared vocation for supporting sustainable communities and pushing the boundaries for a better world,” stated Luca Sra, president of the Truck Business Unit at the Iveco Group, at the time.

Gerrit Marx, chief executive officer of the Iveco Group at the time, was equally enthusiastic about the partnership. “Collaborating with Metallica – a band that not only resonates with fans worldwide but also echoes our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility – makes perfect sense for Iveco Group. This partnership goes above and beyond mere logistical support; it embodies our resolve to lead the transition towards a cleaner future in transport and advance a more sustainable society.

“Metallica and Iveco Group share several core values: a spirit of innovation, a drive for change, and a commitment to community contribution. Staying at the forefront of our industries requires us to continually evolve and challenge ourselves, pushing the limits of what we can achieve and constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance our performance. This ethos we share with Metallica motivates us to keep striving for excellence,” he added.

It was thus that 10 Iveco S-Way heavy-duty Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) vehicles, four Iveco S-Way trucks powered by renewable diesel, two electric Iveco S-eWay vehicles, two Iveco S-Way LNG trucks, one Iveco S-Way truck powered by renewable diesel, two eDaily electric minibuses, a renewable diesel-compatible Evadys coach AND yours truly arrived in Milan. Along with the band and thousands of fans, of course.

Some of those fans (most notably the men) wore black nail varnish. This, I discovered, is a tribute to Metallica’s guitarist Kirk Hammett, who wears it regularly (indeed, he did on the night). Most people were also dressed in black (I was delighted to become part of the black clan when Iveco gave me the coolest T-shirt ever). Of course, all the Iveco trucks were also black. However, despite people chanting “die, die, die” (the lyrics from Metallica’s well-known song, “Creeping Death”), the mood was anything but black.

It was a party second to none, and once again (this is something that happens frequently), it made me super thankful for my job.

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Charleen Clarke

CHARLEEN CLARKE is editorial director of FOCUS. While she is based in Johannesburg, she spends a considerable amount of time overseas, attending international transport events – largely in her capacity as associate member of the International Truck of the Year Jury.
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