Goodyear tyres roll into the future

Goodyear has previewed some interesting innovations in tyre technology at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, one of which could have wide-ranging implications for fleet operators.

The company’s intelligent tyre prototype is designed to ensure optimal connectivity between the tyre and fleet operators by incorporating a complete tyre information system, which includes a tyre, sensors and cloud-based algorithms that all work together to communicate in real-time with fleet operators via a mobile app.

“As shared mobility continues to grow in popularity, we are seeing applications where kilometres driven per vehicle will increase substantially in the years ahead,” says Chris Delaney, president of Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa. “For shared fleet operators, proactively managing tyre service issues is critical to both the customer experience and the business model.”

The sensors in Goodyear’s intelligent tyre, together with the vehicle and third-party information, provide real-time data to Goodyear’s proprietary algorithms.

Thanks to these algorithms, information on tyre ID and status – including wear, temperature and pressure – is continuously updated and shared with fleet operators.

“Tyre performance and wear information provide a real-time signal when a tyre needs to be serviced to extend its life, fuel economy and performance attributes,” Delaney continues. “This kind of proactive maintenance allows fleet operators to precisely identify and resolve tyre-related and potential service issues before they occur.”

“As the face of mobility continues to evolve, so will the needs of consumers and fleet operators,” says Delaney. “Goodyear is anticipating the products, services and experiences that will deliver the mobility that consumers and fleet operators need.”

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