Clark launches S-Series Electric

Clark launches S-Series Electric

Clark Europe has launched the first generation of electric forklift trucks: the SE25-35 electric four-wheel forklift trucks with load capacities of 2.5 to 3.5 tonnes. Like their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts, they are characterised by the attributes “smart, strong, and safe”. The new S-Series Electric was recently presented to the public for the first time at LogiMAT in Stuttgart.

With their sporty performance, high safety standards, and excellent ergonomics, the SE25-35 electric counterbalance trucks keep logistics processes moving – as required by industry, distribution, and the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors – without producing harmful emissions. The electric forklift trucks are designed to provide high handling performance at low operating costs over their entire lifecycle, making them another highly efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to Clark’s ICE-powered forklift trucks.

SMART: a flexible battery solution with reliable performance

With its advanced smart display including integrated reversing camera, active safety systems, and extensive additional equipment, the SE25-35 series is ideal for intensive indoor and outdoor use. The new lifting masts are a particular highlight, offering excellent mast visibility thanks to the double primary cylinders. In addition to a service-friendly and robust design, many clever ideas have been incorporated into the design to improve operation and ergonomics. These include the intuitive direction change integrated into the hydraulic levers or mini levers, as well as the electric parking brake, which prevents the vehicle from unintentionally accelerating or rolling backwards.

Operators also have the option of changing the vehicle’s energy source and adapting the software accordingly if the application requirements change – without any major additional effort. The operator can operate the forklift truck with the classic lead-acid battery or, if necessary, switch to the high-performance Clark lithium-ion technology, which is particularly effective in multi-shift applications. Thanks to this smart battery solution, the electric forklift trucks are predestined for almost all applications.

STRONG: electric power for peak performance

The models in the SE25-35 series are equipped with two low-noise AC traction motors, each with 9.0kW and 80-volt three-phase AC technology, which enable rapid acceleration and high thrust. The wear-free, powerful AC motors reach a top speed of up to 19 and 20km/h respectively. Three individually programmable driving modes are available for energy-efficient utilisation of the truck; wear-free regenerative braking with the engine brake and automatic speed reduction when cornering can also be set as required. Safe use on sloping terrain or ramps is guaranteed by the automatically engaging electric parking brake. This prevents the truck from unintentionally accelerating or rolling backwards and ensures that the operator always has the vehicle under control.

SAFE: ergonomic driver’s workplace guarantees intuitive and safe operation

The S-Series Electric has a spacious and ergonomic driver’s workplace, which provides the operator with generous leg and headroom, as well as numerous storage options for documents, drinks, and mobile phones. To meet individual requirements, Clark offers various adjustable comfort seats with air or mechanical suspension. The tilt of the steering column can be adjusted to suit the operator, while the pedals are automotive-compliant.

The operator has an excellent forward view of the forks and the load, thanks to the generous viewing window and the nested mast profiles that increase safety when travelling straight ahead, or storing and retrieving loads. In triplex masts, the free lift cylinders are designed as double primary cylinders, which also provide the best forward visibility.

The vehicle can be operated either via adjustable mini levers integrated into the armrest or ergonomically arranged hydraulic levers on the vehicle bonnet. The intuitive switching of the direction of travel on the hydraulic or mini lever takes the strain off the driver, as they do not have to reach round to switch. The power steering ensures that only low steering forces and few steering wheel turns are required when manoeuvring. With a steering angle of 101° (Zero Steer Turn Axle), the vehicle turns almost on the spot and is ideal for use in narrow aisles.

Extra safety

For operators who prioritise maximum safety, additional safety features are available as an option. These include, for example, the load weight indicator, which measures the weight of the load on the forks and helps to prevent overloading of the truck. With the Vertical Mast System (VMS), which is also optional, a tilt sensor automatically brings the mast into a vertical position so that goods can be loaded and unloaded quickly and safely. The VMS positions the mast vertically when tilting both forwards and backwards, and equalises the vehicle position on uneven floors or ramps.

New Clark SafeView HD camera system

With the S-Series Electric, Clark is also launching the new optional SafeView HD camera, which is intended to replace the analogue SafeView camera system. The SafeView HD is a completely digital HD 1,280 x 720 pixel (16:9) camera; three wide-angle cameras (left/rear/right) are installed on the forklift along with a 10-inch touchscreen.

Safe and durable Lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology

The Clark li-ion solution offers customers everything from a single source: the li-ion battery, the battery management system (BMS), and the high-frequency charger. The maximum battery capacity for all models in the SE25-35 series is 560Ah. The 80-V, 120-Ah charger only requires a high-voltage connection (CEE 16 A plug) and fully recharges a 560-Ah battery in just over 3.5 hours. During the charging process, the display on the charger shows the current charging status of the li-ion battery.

The Clark li-ion battery can be temporarily charged rapidly at any time (for example during a  break) without damaging the battery or shortening its service life. About 6.25% of the charge level can be reached in 15 minutes. li-ion vehicles can therefore be used around the clock without the need to change the battery. This reduces downtime that would usually be necessary for a battery change. Another advantage of li-ion technology is that the battery has a constant voltage throughout operation; full power is always available, even if the battery is already 80% discharged.

Clark li-ion batteries also guarantee a high level of safety, as they are based on lithium iron phosphate technology (LiFePO4). With LiFePO4 batteries, no oxygen is released during the chemical reaction within the cells.

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