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Last year, income generated by road transportation in South Africa was estimated to be more than R110 million, according to Statistics South Africa. This year, the transport industry has taken a series of knocks including record-high petrol prices and the downturn in the economy.

DriveRisk, an innovative transport solutions company, endeavours to protect the most important resources within the industry: the drivers, the vehicles and the products on the trucks.

DriveRisk offers a range of customisable tools to protect its clients. With 90 percent of the accidents on South African roads being avoidable, DriveRisk’s DriveCam program uses the power of video to highlight bad driving behaviour, and train drivers using video coaching tools to mitigate risky on-road conduct.

DriveRisk is the sole African and Australian distributor for Lytx (a global leader in video telematics) and offers innovative, comprehensive solutions to its clients. The Lytx DriveCam records events triggered by the driver, the road or environmental factors.

Driver behaviour resulting in accidental damage and unnecessary fuel consumption is costly to the industry. The use of DriveCam typically shows a 20-percent reduction in accidents and a four-percent reduction in fuel costs.

The DriveCam software records the interior and exterior of a vehicle and uploads the footage to the Lytx system, allowing it to be analysed and shared with the DriveRisk clients along with suggested coaching solutions.

DriveCam allows the managers of fleet drivers to learn about their behaviour, as well as to find solutions through coaching drivers to minimise risky behaviour.

Using a selection of DriveRisk’s tools – including DriveReport, DriveTrac, DriveFuel, DriveAlert and SmartCam – clients are sure to see the benefits through decreased costs of running their vehicles, decreased on-road risk and lowered risk of their public image being damaged by bad driving behaviour.

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