Full-fat alternative fuels

Full-fat alternative fuels July 14, 2020 Old cooking oil, animal fats, fish oil and solar panels. No, this isn’t Bear Grylls’ latest list of things needed to survive in the wild, but the future of alternative fuels. JACO DE KLERK reports. Alternative fuels have gained massive ground over the past decade, but I would never have thought that we would be where we are today … Ford has approved the use of hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) in its stock standard […]

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Freeway: keeping the wheels turning

Freeway: keeping the wheels turning July 14, 2020 Freeway Fleet Systems’ customers supply critical goods and services internationally. We caught up with MD Patrick Tandy at the company’s Johannesburg office to talk about the experiences of Freeway’s customers during the lockdown – here and overseas – as well as his view on what will change thanks to Covid-19 How have transport services managed through lockdown? Our customers have worked incredibly hard to keep vehicles on the road to supply essential […]

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Providing during the pandemic

Providing during the pandemic July 10, 2020 Were it not for essential service providers, South Africans would have starved during the lockdown. We pay tribute to Logico Logistics, which kept things rolling during the most stringent level of those trying times Logico Logistics, a Road Transport Management System (RTMS)-accredited service provider in both the long-haul cross-border and secondary distribution transport environment, has certainly weathered a storm created by the lockdown when it was at its highest alert level. The company […]

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Transit gets an update

Transit gets an update June 30, 2020 As well as implementing a facelift for its Transit Van and Transit Chassis Cab models, Ford has introduced a six-year/90 000-km service plan for the derivatives with a view to enhancing value for money factors and reducing running costs. WYNTER MURDOCH reports. Ford South Africa has introduced an updated version of its capable load-hauler – the Transit Van. Distinguished by fresh new front-end styling that reflects Ford’s latest design language as seen on […]

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Template: use this for all posts

Template: use this for all posts June 12, 2020 Photo Story Build an elegantly modern, responsive website that’s creative, accessible and beautifully presented. A well-designed website can change your conversion and a profit for good. Curabitur ac nisl molestie, facilisis nibh ac, facilisis ligula. Integer congue malesuada eros congue varius. Sed malesuada dolor eget velit euismod pretium. Etiam porttitor finibus pretium. Nam suscipit vel ligula at dharetra. Fusce aliquam tincidunt hendrerit. Nunc tincidunt id velit sit amet vestibulum. In venenatis […]

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Intelligent data to change driver behaviour

DriveRisk is the industry leader in driver behaviour management. The company uses the very latest technology and harnesses top data trends to allow our customers to focus on their drivers as their most important asset. Fleet owners can directly and significantly reduce road risk by improving driver behaviour and safety, thereby reducing overall costs. Driver aptitude and behaviour remains the starting point for any driver change-management process. DriveRisk continuously works alongside drivers, trainers and coaches to facilitate positive driving skills […]

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Continental reinforces its digital focus

Continental has developed an innovative truck tyre monitoring system that, in partnership with MiX Telematics, delivers real-time information regarding pressure and temperature to the vehicle’s driver – as well as to a fleet manager In South Africa’s commercial vehicle sector, underinflated truck tyres are said to be a major cause of breakdowns and service calls. While no official statistics are available, a recent survey by tyre maker Continental in the United States found that, on average, about one third of […]

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Taxi(ing) times?

Covid-19 has caused the world to grind to a halt – creating major economic uncertainty. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. We discover that there is light at the end of the tunnel for the minibus-taxi industry. “Pre-Covid-19 we saw the minibus-taxi industry transporting 68 percent of all public transport commuters,” explains Vuyisile Majola, chief executive officer of the uBunye Group. “We are still using the numbers from the National Household Travel Survey, which was conducted in 2013.” Majola […]

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An electrifying future

The bus industry is showing its resilience during tough economic times, while moving towards a more sustainable future. We predict what to expect in the years ahead. “The bus industry in South Africa has for many years made a vital contribution to the economic and social development of the country,” states Mega Bus in its report: SA Bus Industry in Stats. Mega Bus is a South African operator that specialises in providing passenger transport and logistics solutions to a diverse […]

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Choosing a fleet management partner? Follow these tips!

South Africa’s fleet management market is on the rise, with reports indicating that the growth is set to continue. We explore what to consider when choosing a fleet management partner. A report compiled by titled Fleet Management in South Africa (the fourth consecutive report analysing developments in the country’s fleet management market), states that the local market is in a growth period, which is set to continue. “The number of fleet management systems in active use is forecasted to […]

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