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Don’t spend a cent Mercedes-Benz Trucks lifts the load off customers by offering Zero Cost of Ownership

As a truck operator, you do not have to be a mathematician to know that all savings add up, and this is exactly what Mercedes-Benz Trucks has achieved by introducing the concept of Zero Cost of Ownership.

According to Mercedes-Benz Trucks, operators can achieve unheard of fuel savings as a result of its product innovations, such as Hypoid rear axles, Direct Drive transmission and FleetBoard driver and vehicle management systems. In addition, a TruckStore buy-back at competitive residual value is guaranteed and Telligent Maintenance will ensure you enjoy incredible savings on services. All this means is that, as an operator, you earn back every cent you paid for your Actros 2646LS/33 DD.

“Earning back every cent you paid for your Mercedes-Benz Actros 2646LS/33 DD may sound too good to be true, but it really is possible. Our quest has always been to offer unmatched value-chain offerings coupled with proven quality products. This is a further demonstration of our commitment to achieving reduced Total Cost of Ownership and constantly improving fuel efficiency for our customers,” says Christo Kleynhans, product manager for Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

Zero Cost of Ownership ensures that Mercedes-Benz customers benefit from the combination of product enhancements and value-chain offerings that the company offers. Using the Mercedes-Benz Actros 2646LS/33DD over four years or 800 000 km, the following savings are garnered:

• Fuel Savings: Fuel efficiency is a key topic for operators, and when using the Mercedes-Benz Actros 2646LS/33DD, compared to the Actros 2644LS/33 HUB, comprehensive tests have proved that a customer can achieve incredible fuel savings with a combination of Hypoid axles and Direct Drive transmission.

• FleetBoard: When optimally used, this state-of-the-art vehicle and driver management system ensures significantly lower fuel consumption.

• Maintenance Savings: The cost of keeping a vehicle on the road plays a major part in determining Total Cost of Ownership, and, with Telligent Maintenance, these costs can be dramatically reduced.

• Buy Back: A competitive residual value from TruckStore ensures that real value is gained when returning the truck.

Over four years, or 800 000 km, Mercedes-Benz Trucks achieved Zero Cost of Ownership by summing up the contributions of the respective product enhancements on the Actros 2646LS/33D that achieve fuel and maintenance savings, and a competitive residual value.

Combining these elements effectively equates to the customer’s net price on the Actros 2646LS/33DD, resulting in Zero Cost of Ownership.


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